Winged daygame adventures 2 – Get in there

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Two more days of daygame and fuck all to show for it. In the week I cancelled the Colombian as I didn’t really fancy her. Genuine reason to see my accountant as I need to get my tax sorted for my job. Honest. But I didn’t go out of my way to reorganise to see her. Friday night had another date with the HK girl, it turned out to be one drink then back to mine for some hardcore fucking. She is a great fuck.

Since she doesn’t drink we just had cokes, I ended up sober for a Friday night for a change. Next morning not hungover I hit central London with Mr S, what to say. I got one face book, from quite a keen girl. American from Minesotta, she is yet to add me. i think it’s a road to nowhere. My spider sense at the time was telling me to go for the insta-date. Obviously I didn’t. I also got another number from a Spanish Au Pair who I don’t really fancy. I texted her anyway, no reply.

Bit of a waste of a day really, I end up having an falling out with Mr S. As he felt I was putting my AA onto him, ie, he thought I was trying to force him to do the sets that I wouldn’t do. Whereas I thought I was trying to push him in to help him with his state. To be fair it was probably a bit of both. We call it off early. I left feeling pretty angry with him, as I’d been “in state” and was starting to enjoy the day. My vibe crushed, I went home and did a run.

We went out in the evening anyway, and did some “night game” which turned out into getting blind drink in Nottinghill. We rolled into a four set at the first bar, I end up insulting one of the girls, she’s fat and I indicated as such. Mr S has two girls into him, I like neither. We head to a club, I can’t really remember the outcome. Queue me awaking next day on my bed, half clothed. Improvement. With a bowl of uneaten pasta next to me. Fail. As Mr S says, this is probably the way I’m going to die, burnt to death from some late night drunken cooking.

We head out and do some daygame in Nottinghill. My vibe is at an all time low. I open sets, they walk past or they look at me and wonder what the fuck is going on. Worse day I had in ages. We end up eating a late lunch then slowly drinking the afternoon away in a bar on Portobello. RamboPua joins us, and we sit and push each other into sets between beers.

Mr S has a keen eye, and gets 4  or 5 numbers from some really hot girls. Every time I approach I feel like I’m getting the eye-roll or creeping them out. We walk in the evening for something to eat. A hot girl passes us, Mr S is about to jump in. I get competitive and get there ahead of him. I’m fed up with him opening all hot girls. It’s an easy open, my vibe kicks in and I remember why I enjoy daygame so much. She’s wearing black, so i tease her about being an assassin off to find her next target. She laughs.

She tells me shes just finished work, she has Asian features softened by some western blood. Very pretty, then she says “hmmm, I’m not sure you know how old I am”. She tells me she’s 15. She does not look that young.  I tease her straight away about her job, “did you just finish your paper round just now then?” She laughs and tells me that she’s finished her part-time job working in the kitchen of a restaurant. I’m severely tempted to go for her number anyway. She’s fucking hot. In the end I wish her well and leave.

Lessons to learn, Drinking heavily really fucks your vibe for the next day. Also “go for it”, there were plenty of times I saw a girl that I fancied ahead of my wing and I let him do her any way. Daygame really isn’t a team sport, you need to be able to make an instant decision, as soon as you see shes hot go for it. They say with daygame there’s nothing worse than letting a girl get away and you not talk to her. Actually, what is worse, is letting your wing get there first and walk away with her number when you know that could have been you. Fuck.


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