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London daygame – police and terrorist threat level

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The French girl is still keen, the date organisation was easy. She even left her meeting early to meet me on time.  I decide to meet her at Oxford Circus for a change…

As I come out of the escalator there are three police stood there on the other side of the barrier. What a sorry bunch of fuckers, one is a fat middle aged woman, the other two are pudgy overweight guys, one is young the other older. Like a fat police family in florescent jackets.

Just add bullseye

Just add bullseye

I’m angered and I feel pity for them at the same time. I’m angered as these folks are charged with our protection, and they are not fit for purpose. As anyone who has done daygame recently in central London should know, there are far more Police present. This is an indication of the threat level in London, which is severe.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “The UK terrorism threat level remains unchanged at severe, which means that an attack is highly likely.”

My old man was in the army, he used to tell me the alert level in the North of Ireland when I lived there as a kid. Whenever the threat level increased, he’d come back from work and tell our family to be extra vigilant. He’d tell it to us for our own good, he’d say it with an edge of seriousness. Enough to know to listen to him, but not enough to make us shit scared. Realistic.

I’m remembering back to those days, the hang of violence in the air. Local daily papers would report people getting shot and occurrences like hand grenades thrown into pubs and building sites. The threat was real, people died on a daily basis.

How police should be, yesterday

How police should be, yesterday

So I’m looking at the police and I make a mental note to look at what they carry for protection. I see pepper spray and tazers. Is this a joke or what? The threat level is REAL, it is highly likely that at some point in the near future there will be  jihadists running around central London slaughtering people indiscriminately and blowing shit up. Some to die might even be unlucky daygamers, as if we’re not a rare enough breed already.

Oxford Circus would seem to be a prime target, and who would be top of the list to die? our fat police family, that’s who. Easy pickings for a couple of fuckers with AK-47s. I’m angry that the police are so woefully unprepared. The kind of police you need at these locations are the gun-carrying arm-tattooed lads, ones that give you a stern but knowing look and get pissed off if you try and ask for directions. The ones you see patrolling airports and in front of Downing street, not these florescent jacketed fatties.

We need soldiers not overweight tourist guides, or it won’t be unpreventable terrorism on the streets of London, it will be a preventable wholesale slaughter.




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      I can’t be bothered to do a date report. I did escalate and got my hand in between her legs and on her tits. Was a run of the mill, tread water until 3rd date when I can fuck her. So she doesn’t feel like a slut.

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