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I’m a bit drunk.

This may seem to my regular wings to be both par for the course and an oddity as typically I drink them all under the table on a regular basis. This is not a good thing. It simply means that I’m rotting my liver out quicker than they are and also means that I’m not maximizing my SMV. That said, I really don’t want to live forever and I do enjoy drinking almost as much as I enjoy tight young pussy.

So what’s happened recently? Well, not a lot really. That is not a lot in terms of what people reading this blog care about by which I mean getting pussy.

Last weekend I did one day’s work, I got 3 numbers:

  1. Hot Malaysian/Australian girl – really cute, hanging out here on daddies money, replied to my messages but I couldn’t get her out
  2. Hot Chinese girl, hardly any English – replied to my messages but flaked at date request
  3. German girl – my theory is German girls love me, however she’d been opened just before I got to her. My wing (Aus well known to the group) saw somebody running a very bad bootcamp on Regent Street just before, I knew it was bad because they were all approaching from the side (very poor). I assume it was them, Still I got her number and we exchanged texts but she also flaked at the date request

So 3 numbers and nothing out of it, nothing unusual there.

I did do a random 3 hours in the week with Vaughn at a new location. 2 numbers for me, an 18 year old French chick who was worried I was too old for her (she thought I was 25, actual age 33) and another Italian girl who I actually didn’t fancy and never messaged, she was like a poor mans version of the Italian I’m already fucking. Vaughn got 4 numbers, the handsome fucker! His games not that good!!

My last lay took 16 numbers, since that lay I’ve got 8 new numbers, so that means only another 8 and I DEFINITELY get laid!! I’m pretty sure that is EXACTLY how statistics work.

I’m really looking forward to this next weekend as I’m going to Cheltenham (random, I know) to spend it with a genuine pickup legend, I look forward to reporting back.

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