Winged Day Game Adventures 3 – Student town

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I headed out with Xants to do some daygame around some of the student areas in London. I woke up early and hit the gym, my accounts are still in disarray but I still want to pound the streets, daygame addiction has firmly set in. My vibe is way better than the weekend, but the day has some wind and drizzle. Fuck it, girls need to hit their classes right?

I go to Nottinghill Tube, on the way a blonde girl is walking up the steps. She has that dirty look in her eyes, she eyes me as I take the steps, she even smiles. A bigger IOI you can’t get. Of course I let her walk past. Fuck. I arrive into central London, grab a coffee and meet Xants. I have my umbrella, we pick a couple of streets and we’re off to it. After a shaky start, I’m weaseling like mad, but a girl IOI’s me, I stop her, even get her number. I can tell it’s a shit set, as I feel too serious. It’s like she was willing me to be better than I was, meh.

A good reaction from a super-hot leggy Polish student (boyfriend) and I hit state. I get the number from a bi-sexual paralegal who had just finished her lunch date with her girlfriend. Another number from an 18 year old in extremely tight jeans, she’s 1/2 Egyptian/French, I really want to fuck her, she’s still at college. She only eats chocolate once a week.  She vomits a paragraph of text at me about 20 minutes after I’d number closed her. She was claiming a boyfriend but apparently having “issues with him”. She wants my facebook, but wasn’t sure why she’d taken my number.  I told her I was 27, so I go and look at my facebook and realise it doesn’t reflect this.

18 tight jeans - close to this

18 tight jeans – close to this

She’s too hot to fuck up. So that night after daygame, I spent 4 hours clearing out my facebook, updating all my privacy settings and removing tonnes and tonnes of irrelevant and shit posts, I then post a couple of recent photos of me in the gym, running etc. Actually, I hadn’t realised how bad my facebook was, there were photo albums of complete shit. I downloaded them all to my laptop and deleted them from my account, my newest self is my best me. I did leave a few pics of one of my hot ex-girlfriends on there though. Just a flavour.

Back to the daygame, after a couple of hours, I have three numbers, all girls I would solidly bang. I had a couple of girls who were “almosts” but were too heavily invested in their bfs to part with their numbers. Xants had to head back to work. I leave and get the tube back to Nottinghill. At Nottinghill I continue solo, do a few as they leave the station. The first is pretty awkward, then a good reaction from next two.

I see a Spanish looking girl trying on a hat, she has a great ass. I stop her, she hooks instantly, she is here in London doing an exam but she is living in Sheffield. Her boyfriend is in Spain, by the way she talks about him, I can tell it’s a road to nowhere. She is too invested in him, I get the number anyway and text her. She responds, but her whatsapp pic is of her and her boyfriend. Just can’t be bothered, plus she isn’t in London.

I walk home. Good day.

Currently the 18 year old and the bixsexual are still texting. 😉  maybe I can get them both together. Dreams are made of that shit.

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  1. Do you find that changing your usual sarge spots helps your overall results? From personal experience I’m 50/50 as a lot of the places other than the usual central London spots can be so inconsistent in terms of foot traffic/birds.

    1. Post

      As long as it’s busy with foot traffic. Students always have a lot of free time, so would be easier for an instadate. They also are more partial to a bit of adventure sex. The main thing, is that it’s just good to go to different areas.. same places get boring after a while.

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