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I’m currently on my way to Cheltenham for my first actual coaching in daygame. So why am I getting coached when I’m 9 months and 14 lays into game? Well I spend a lot of time doing daygame and if I can learn to improve I definitely want to.

To date I’m almost entirely self taught from krauser’s books (a textbook that can get you laid, brilliant!) I would probably have had coaching already however when I started out I wanted to get past AA and then get coaching when I could actually take in more detailed technique. Then I realised there are only a handful of coaches worth their salt. Krauser doesn’t coach anymore, I did contact Tom Torero who gets rave reviews from some of my wings but at the time he was out of the country.

Fortunately though I’ve found another who’s ability is apparently the stuff of legend. I feel a bit like a young Luke Skywalker on his way to the Dagobah system.

So what do I want to get out of it? It’s pretty obvious really, I want to learn ways to improve the 2 key ratios; numbers per set and dates per number.

It would actually be great if he told me I was doing everything wrong and that I should change everything and my results skyrocketed as a result but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Hopefully though he can identify some changes I can make.

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  1. Also like the game during the day, the daygame has its advantages, for a long time had the problem of not knowing what to say, I filtered the I wanted to say to a woman, and that’s the problem, because I thought as much, but both the subject end up crashing and getting no subject to talk about with a girl. But after study and practice, I learned that it must be a self-confident man who speaks his mind, stop to filter what you’re going to say, stop caring about the opinions of others, and have my own. And one of the most amazing thing to create comfort is the kino, search always touch it during the conversation.

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