Coaching part 2

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I’m definitely glad I came, today won’t go down in history as my most successful day of game, not even close, 1 shakey number and 1 dodgy Facebook. We have however identified some major holes in my game and identified some solutions which I think will really help improve my results.

Basically my sets are too short and girls come away from the set not knowing anything about me. If a girl tells her friend about the stop and her friend asks about me she won’t have anything to say and if the friend is negative “He stopped you on the street, that’s weird.” She won’t be able to defend me.

As such I need to learn to subtly dhv myself and tell them a bit about myself in a flattering but none boastful way.

More to come tomorrow, hopefully I can give a better account of myself!

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  1. I’ve been reading you for a while and quite enjoy what you write. I think most of the time you just scratch the surface of things. I don’t know if it’s your style or just lack of time. But keep it up!

    Coincidentally I’ve just written a post about the exact topic you’re hinting today. It’s a problem with a lot of intermediate guys and sure as hell was mine in 2015 – not becoming a real person to the girl. I’ll leave my thoughts here:

    1. Post

      That was useful TD, I’m at that point now, actually I think I’ve taken a step back. I think I was initially all rapport, then I added in teasing and got results and thought ah teasing is the key. My sets then became all about teasing the girl, I was looking for any opportunity and lacking much rapport or authenticity.

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