January Update – do it, do it now

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It’s already February, what a month January has been. I have worked 5 days this month, the rest of the days have been split between doing daygame, going to the gym, running, drinking, being hung over and going on dates.

I started January with the monkey on my back. We have a whatsapp group that we use and whenever someone gets laid by a new girl, he will post a +1. It’s good as a motivator, but when others are having success and not you, oh man. I got very close to fucking a German 19 year old twice, both times I got her to my room and both times some stupid fuck up. Saw her three times in total, my failures are chronicled on this blog. Whilst all this was happening, the +1s get coming on the group, I was the last one to get laid by a new girl.

I also had zero plates in London at the beginning of the year, so not only was I not fucking any new girl, I wasn’t getting laid at all. So come forward a month, I now have an sexy little HongKong girl (23) who can’t get enough of me and is sending me sexy selfies on a daily basis. She’s just gorgeous to fuck and smells great. Her little face screwing up in pain and her gasping “it’s too deep” is a good memory. I also have a French 7 (she’s 27), we’ve done 2 dates, she’s keen, so it’s just a matter of time before I lay her.

I’ve suffered the post drinking blues a lot. I generally disagree with doing anything that the masses do, “Dry January” for an example, so I refused to do that. I’ll happily admit that I need to cut back, as I think that it’s the major factor fucking up my lays at the minute. We did an experiment where we’d tried just drinking shandies instead of beer one night, sounds gay, but it made the difference from being blind to only slightly drunk.  Which can only be a good thing when it comes to came.

I haven’t counted and maybe I’ve overestimated, but I’ve opened a lot of girls in January. Around 150-200 I should think.  I’ve got alot of phone numbers for some cute girls, most have dropped off the radar, but a few are sticking around. Most promising for me is the recently turned 18 year old, still at college, she”s a bit of a fitness girl. The 19 year old German girl responds sporadically now that her best friend (the cock-block) has gone back to Germany, I reckon I can lay her. I have a 20 year old English girl in Bath texting me and 2 – 19 year old French girls in France texting me too. Some of my old plates from last year are also in a holding pattern. Slovenian 19 year old, Ukrainian 27, Italian 23.

Dates / Kisses / Lays / Etc 

Chinese: 2 (no kiss) – not hot enough, too inexperienced

HongKong: 2 (lay) – plate

Korean: 1  (no kiss) – too old

Colombian: 1 (kiss) – not hot enough

German: 1 proper date, 2 other drinking nights  (kiss and pussy rubbing and tits out)

French: 2 dates (kiss and hand in between thighs)

Total: 9 dates

Looking at all that, you’d think I’d be over the moon, masses of potential for my leads and a pretty hot plate. I’m not though, I know “the girl” I want. I met her on a street approach in Nottinghill. Spanish looking with curves, perfect complexion, sweet but sexy voice tonality. Well dressed, she had loyalty to her bf and had a friendly but intelligent character. You wouldn’t conventionally call her a 10, but for me that’s the kind of girl that I truly want.

Yes, yes, yes

Yes, yes, yes

Looking forward to February, I’ve been hitting the gym pretty consistently in Jan, I already notice I’ve muscled up a bit. I’ve also started boxing twice a week with a boxing coach that myself and Mr S has hired. I’ll keep hitting the gym, my diet isn’t too bad except for the beer. So that takes care of the health side of things. I’ll continue approaching and doing daygame, I’m also going to try some camera game.

The last thing to sort out is passive wealth creation, it’s something I’ve been putting off because contracting is pretty lucrative. I’ve got some contract work starting in Feb which I’ll do. I’m also going to put a shit load more effort into a business idea I have. Roll on February.

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