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Some of the game astute readers may have realised already but I’ve spent the weekend with the legendary Jimmy Jambone, founder of Rock Solid Game and an exceedingly successful pickup artist.

A typical day looked like this; we’d meet around noon for a coffee, then head out for 5-6 hours of game recording my sets (Jimmy has a long term girlfriend now and a strong moral code so doesn’t do sets himself) and between sets we’d chat about game, bond over a mutual loathing of socialism and big government and chat about life in general. Then when the streets ran dry we’d grab some food and head back to his to dissect the infields.

Watching your own infields for the first time and with an accomplished player feels a bit like watching teacher mark your homework, it’s not entirely comfortable and those little mistakes you normally leave in set come back with you. It is however really valuable, I learnt some very useful things and I’ve already ordered a little cam for myself. Incidentally cams are dirt cheap, mine cost £6.50. We had one moment of comic gold, I’d just done a set and given Jimmy the camera back when he said “You know what, I love this little camera, I wish I’d had this back in Sofia, it’s just so goo….” At this point he dropped it on the floor smashing it into various component pieces, instead of being pissed off though Jimmy just pissed himself laughing at the irony and was luckily able to rebuild it.

The second day’s sets were much better than the first, I stopped girls better and had much better and longer interactions incorporating some of the feedback from day 1. I managed to get 2 numbers, one of which was clearly a bit of a slut and not so hot, the other was hot and 2 facebooks (I’d actually closed on the Facebooks, so not a fob off.)

Most of the major points were identified on day 1 but to summarise with a slightly more complete list:

  • I absolutely need to talk slower
  • Recording and re-watching your sets is definitely worth doing
  • There is a small moment after the opener that is like a mini and much more subtle hook point, you can slow down a little you’ve bought a minute of her time and you can deliver a good stack
  • I need to vary my approach more, I was sounding too scripted
  • I should feel free to talk about myself, I’d actually been avoiding this entirely, use mini (true) dhv statements that can be as small as a few words to paint a picture of a cool sorted guy
  • You ideally want the girl to leave the set with a moniker for you in her head like (Professional Guy, or Biker Guy but not Street Stop Guy)
  • My close sounded like a sale, it’s been toned down a little
  • Sets need to be longer
  • Jimmy didn’t particularly mention this but I thought I did too much rapport laughter
  • Balance between sexual and nice chat is a hard one to get and is going to need continued calibration

My good sets aren’t bad but the ones we recorded this weekend aren’t quite great, some small changes should help quite a bit. If I can improve my stop by 5%, my stack by 5%, my vibing by 5% and my investment by 5% I could really improve my ratios. I think I should actually open slightly less, it’s better to focus on girls I really fancy, my volume is at the high end. Street pickup is hard and I’m doing reasonably well considering how long I’ve been doing it.

One major difference I found between Jimmy and Krauser (though of course I’ve only met Krauser briefly so I’m really going on his books and blog) is Jimmy absolutely wanted to be able to access the highest quality of women and was prepared to take his time, he liked dating them and actually preferred 3 dates before sex. Krauser’s focus, more recently at least, has been on pulling the trigger quickly, still with hot women but not with the same focus on the absolute highest quality. Jimmy for instance doesn’t give a shit about same day lays.

In my opinion there is a time and a place for both and you need to work out which strategy to use on which girl. Jimmy calls it the “Slut Spectrum” with sluts looking for R selected, Heartiste style douchebag game and chaste women looking for K selected alpha male game. Also according to Jimmy people have got a complete misconception about what it means to be R selected, what it means to be k selected and what it means to be Alpha. In his view R selected and Alpha are mutually exclusive.

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  1. Good post, I feel like coaching can be very useful in identifying blind spots. Do you happen to have a link to the camera you found?

    1. Post
  2. “You ideally want the girl to leave the set with a moniker for you in her head like (Professional Guy, or Biker Guy but not Street Stop Guy)”

    So true. Unless she’s a yes girl, I reckon most flakes happen soon after she says to her friends “Guess what happened to me today?” if the whole set was just about her.

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