A pretty lie or an ugly truth

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Disclaimer: I may well have nicked this entire blog post from somewhere on a subconscious level.

I was out today with one of my good wings, in fact one of my oldest wings from when I first got into the PUA scene but who has never been particularly into the Manosphere. Personally I’m pretty red pill and I’ve read a lot of the red pill material and agree with a lot of it so I was a bit surprised the first time, a few weeks ago, when Aus asked me what the Red Pill was. At the time I described it as a catch all term for a variety of manosphere sites. This was wrong. We got back onto the topic today while between daygame sets and I think I gave a much better description:

The Blue Pill is choosing a pretty lie over and ugly truth; the red pill is choosing an ugly truth over a pretty lie.

So what is the pretty lie and what is the ugly truth? That depends on your point of observation, primarily based on your sex.

The pretty “Blue pill’ lie for guys is; that if you do the right thing, work hard, dedicate your life to a good job, one woman buying a house and having kids you will be happy. The ugly ‘Red Pill’ truth is 50% of marriages end in divorce and many men in marriage are still desperately unhappy. The ‘Red Pill’ ugly truth is that you’re probably better off being more of a bastard and looking out for number one, girls will actually find you more attractive and you are counter-intuitively more likely to have a good relationship.

The pretty ‘Blue Pill’ lie for women is; you can have it all, have a career and have lots of sexual partners in your 20’s, don’t commit to a man but settle down in your 30’s with your perfect guy¬†who will live up to all your fantasies; he will be successful, handsome, physically fit an interesting bad boy but who wants to commit to you and provide for you. The ugly ‘Red Pill’ truth is that men are hugely attracted to looks and fidelity, women can’t have it all due to biology and men who do have all these traits and who are in there 30’s can get women 10 years younger and have no interest in women in their 30’s.

Now the red pill goes much deeper than this, because there are many ugly truths that we hide with pretty lies. Personally¬†I’d rather have the ugly truth but I can understand why many choose the pretty lie.

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