Winged Daygame Adventures 4 – Delicious tacos

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I’m sat here in Starbucks, just finished some work, the girl on the next table looks pretty cute. She’s wearing a skirt and she keeps crossing her legs. Trouble is she smells a bit like fried food and B.O., maybe she’s just gotten off work.

I’ve done three winged daygame days since my last update. I got a cute little Mexican girl, in black leggings and a white coat from Portobello road took her for an insta-date to a bar. She was waiting for her friend to finish work so she had a little time to kill. We had a beer and I flirted with her. It was going pretty well, I couldn’t isolate her before her friend arrived though.

Her friend was like a cave troll, tall, ugly and badly dressed. She was friendly but just had nothing attractive about her. The target girl kept telling her about all of my teases  for Mexican girls. Did you realise that he thinks Mexican girls are like this, or that we don’t have electricity or roads… That we’re all dangerous drug dealers and eat tacos. I even mentioned the Donald Trump wall at one point.

I had another beer with her and her mate, then I sent them on their way. She left, saying… “If you go out later, call me”. She was headed out in Camden with some friends. I went back home showered and rang up a guy who I know lives in in Camden, a very solid Pua. I met him and RamboPua a couple of hours later, we hit the World’s End bar for some warm-up sets.

First problem, the Mexican girl had a pre-party, drinking at the place she was staying. This meant that  she would arrive late. I have a thirst for beer, and we did talk to quite a few girls in the bar. I was getting some IOI’s from some of the girls, but I had really wanted to bang the Mexican girl. However, I’m slowly getting very drunk.

She’s not responding much to texts, but eventually she tells me she’s at Barfly, that I should come there. We head across, and I meet her in the bar. More chat, she has a few other mates there, most of the guys seem gay. I hug her and we chat a bit. She goes to smoke, then on the way back I catch her and kiss her. Kiss done.

This is where it gets fucked up. The alcohol kicks in, I see her stood at the bar with two other guys and I decide fuck it. I’ll leave her to it for a bit to not appear needy.

A bit leads to me never seeing her again.

I go upstairs to watch the band, we hit on a few more girls. Nothing giving as my drunkeness is complete. I can’t find her again, I go home, text her, she asks where I went, she’s still at the bar and wants to see me. Fuck. I fall asleep.

She flew back to Mexico the next day.  Gah. Okay, so the lesson to learn from this is less alcohol. It is like I’m banging my own head against a brick wall. Less Alcohol.

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