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So it’s a little over a week since I met with Jimmy in Cheltenham, since then I’ve done 2 days of daygame over the weekend and a few hours in the day one day last week. I’ve decided I’m no longer going to force myself to open girls I only marginally like, I’ve got my 1000 sets under my belt and now I want to focus on quality and not burn myself out opening 30 sets in an afternoon. I also find sets where I actually fancy the girl naturally go better, it shines through and I’m not just going through the motions. As such I’ve opened roughly 15 sets over the last week, quite a bit less than I would normally. There really aren’t that many hot girls floating around London when it’s cold, hot girls very much seem to like the same conditions as ants.

I’ve focused on opening differently, speaking slowly and more seductively, still teasing but also dropping in my mini dhv’s and being a bit more authentic. I’ve gotten 3 numbers though one of those doesn’t really count as she opened me asking for directions and I seized the opportunity. So 2 numbers and 1 facebook. First number was a really good interaction with a cute French chick but she blocked me at my first message, something I find a bit rude somehow, I mean it’s their prerogative not to respond but I find a block somehow worse than a plain ignore. The second was another french girl, 20 years old and very cute, I used everything I’d learnt from Jimmy in this set which was about 10 minutes long and she replied strongly to me messages. Facebook also replied but I don’t think that’s going anywhere, she’s 18 and over hear from Poland staying with family, I doubt I’ll get her out.

So French number 2 came back quick and strong on message:

1 2 3

So as you can see I got her out on a date on Sunday. I really like this girl, she’s hot in a cute sort of way, quite short and very petite and definitely an 8. Apparently she did some photo modelling in Paris before coming to London but take that with a pinch of salt as frankly lots of girls have “done some modelling” when the reality is they paid for the pictures themselves. I took her to 2 venues, we drank wine and talked a bit about politics which turned out to be a good topic as she’s as right wing as me and plans to vote for the National Front in the next election. She seemed to enjoy some intellectual mastery about libertarianism, Ayn Rand and the US election. She basically screwed up her degree last year and she’s here as an Au pair, a kind of purgatory imposed on her by her rich family who have all excelled academically, she wants to be made to feel clever. It was a genuinely enjoyable conversation, she’s certainly brighter than your average English idiot.

I kissed her in the second venue and then brought her back to mine but all we did was have a cup of tea, listen to music and kiss some more. She said I wasn’t “getting anymore tonight”, seemingly emphasising tonight and then I got her an Uber home. I actually need to learn how to slow play girls and hopefully this will be a good lesson in that, she’s not an R select but equally not all the way at K, somewhere in the middle. She’s seemed reasonably keen still on text since so hopefully we’ll do another date soon. Of course girls flake all the time for all sorts of reasons so we’ll see, I just need to remember not to seem to keen as I really am quite keen on her, IF I manage it she’ll probably be my second best score to date, she’s actually the spitting image of the feature girl for this post.

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  1. I really enjoy reading about your struggles and successes. Give me a shout whenever you’re in Warsaw, I’d gladly go out on a mic’d daygame with you. I still remember how it was not that long ago and I’m sure as hell I can learn from you too.

    Keep on posting!

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      1. In the summer you’re going to miss all the students. Well, if that’s your target. There are nearly 250 thousand people studying here.

        Though it’s surely easier to have a beer outside.

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