Happy Validation Day

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Valentines day has more often than not been a fucking miserable day for me. When I was younger and having absolutely no success with women it was merely a reminder of what a wretched loser I was. When I was married it was normally a cue for an argument, I can remember arguing on valentines over the following: spending too much money on the occasion; spending too little money on the occasion; asking what she wanted to do (not a surprise); surprising her with something she didn’t want to do; making plans when we’d agreed not to do anything; not doing anything when we’d agreed not to do anything.

Initially this had seemed like potentially a good day to go out and run some game, the more I thought about it though and we discussed it on WhatsApp the more it seemed like a bad idea. In your head there is the idea that single girls are sad today because they are single on valentines, does this stack up? In some cases it probably does but in the majority I doubt it, hot girls are most likely getting the shit validated out of them* by there contingent of orbiters and I’m not really in the mood to validate them any further. In addition it is a) cold b) yesterday was pretty bleak in terms of number of girls on the street c) there is some fucking good football on the tele today.

I have however enjoyed pinging a few girls on Facebook and Whatsapp. Facebook has an option to send a valentines gift, it “wraps” your gift like a present and unwraps when they click it. I’ve primarily been sending a random picture of a duck. This led me to having a good chat with an 8 from Kiev who I took for a coffee date last time I was there but haven’t spoken to online for a while.

Last night I had my English rotation girl over so my loins have been well tended and tonight I’m having beer, curry and watching recorded football with my flatmate. This has the making of one of the better Valentines Days.

*The key here being hot girls, not frumpy post wall singletons

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