Coaching with Jimmy Jambone – DHV – Part 2

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I’m pretty unaffected by the ladyboy incident, only mildly weirded out. So we head out after the coffee and scour the streets until it gets dark. I’m carefully checking for signs of masculinity in the sets, thankfully I appear to have found the one and only ladyboy in Cheltenham.

I get a few more pretty good responses, including an 18 year old college girl who loves the interaction. She has a boyfriend, if she was a bit hotter and from London, I’d have number closed. I eject and am pretty happy with the day, the best day game session I’d done in a while.

We head to a coffee shop and Jimmy outlines his approach to daygame, which is based on the Mystery method, attraction switches, DHVing and r/k selection. Here is the thing, the London Daygame model that I follow has almost entirely removed any DHV stuff, as “trying to impress the girl” or “try hard”.

Things like showing her you know another language, that you have an interesting and cool job, that you have traveled extensively. These are cool things. She can take that info away with her, so instead of being that cool-funny guy she met on the street that she knows nothing about you become a fleshed out cool-funny guy. She can tell her friends: there was this really cool guy I met, he’s an “website designer, has his own company in London and builds music sites for bands”.

That is a massive DHV. Jimmy told us that really all daygame was, was giving her a chance to see who you were, to see your high value. This was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. When I used that DHV the following day, the girl asked me for my number, and to go on a date with her. That has not happened in a long while, suddenly I was the one with the value in the interaction. I’d flipped the script. Yes.

In the evening we reviewed our infields, mine turned out to be pretty solid. I could stop and stack the girl pretty well, but I failed to really tell her anything about myself. I also jumped around a bit from subject to subject, but most interactions were good, light teasing, challenging and some rapport. Funny to hear myself in set, the camera’s  were really a great tool for reviewing and improving.

S0me specific things I learned:

  1. “Boyfriend – ofc you do” – They say they have a boyfriend –  reply with “Of course you do, your intelligent/cute I’d expect you to have one! i’d be worried if you didn’t!” – then change subject.
  2. “3 things” – They tell you where they are from – “I only know 3 things about girls from xxx, they are cheeky *pause*, intelligent *pause*  and mysterious”
  3. “Pause” – Pause when you stack to give the girl a chance to hook on to something she finds interesting, to let her talk.
  4. “Friends gambit” – When she tells you where she is from, you can say, ” I organise a holiday for  a group of us every year, 3 guys and 3 gals, it’s a bit like that TV show Friends, we pick a place and just go there, maybe we should go to xxx , actually we’re all great mates, probably we know too much about each other.” You are painting a picture of a fun social guy, who has friends that are girls as well as guys. She can hook into that and project what she knows about Friends onto you.
  5. “My xxx friends” – If you are on a Euro jaunt in another city, you can tell her some things about her city. However you frame it as you know a few local people. Example: If you are in Sofia, you say “My friends from Sofia, say that xxx is a great bar, I’m not so sure, I went there.. blah blah blah, they also say that… “. You have then instantly grounded yourself as social guy and not a tourist.. you have friends from her home town.
  6. “Were you always into xxx as a child” – So she tells you something about herself, for example that she studies Accountancy. You then say “Accountancy kinda boring, did you always want to be an Accountant as a child? I can imagine you playing with a calculator instead of barbie dolls” –  She then has to tell you if  she was or wasn’t to correct your assumption about her. They also would then introduce a new subject. When I used this in one set – the girl said “no she wanted to be a singer”.. so I suggested she could be the first “singing accountant”.


Doing the books

But can she sing?

After the debrief, myself and Mr S had a couple of beers, we dissected the day, arriving at the hotel late to check in. The last room they had left was a fucking double, they’d even kindly put a stuffed teddy bear on the bed. Fuckers.

Next day, Sunday, more of the same, it was quieter. I got the number of a cute well-dressed Bulgarian girl, and an late teens English girl off to start her shift at a restaurant. I opened a girl at a bus stop and one in a cafe too. Both were very cute, I self ejected the first as she was only 16, she looked fucking hot though.

The cafe girl was Polish, just my type but she didn’t hook and hit me with a few IOD’s so I ejected. Pretty happy to do her though as I never really do girls at the cafe. Mr S left early, the tiredness hit me, I opened a tall girl, Polish and she instantly brushed me off.

Enough, we went back and reviewed my sets, Jimmy also showed me some of his infields, his fails and his successes. Some of his fails were pretty spectacular, good to know. Some of his success stories though, wow the women he has been with. Genuine 9’s. Most from Eastern Europe. I then got the last train back to London, my mind swimming with the experience. A really great weekend.

Lessons to learn, I have to open all the hottest girls and the young girls too. I’ve been weaseling the hottest girls a bit over the last few months. I also need to DHV myself more and use the little techniques Jimmy teaches to flip her attraction switches. I should go to Eastern Europe again to really up my quality of girl.

I’ve had success in London, but the quality isn’t what I want. To those reading this if you are an intermediate to advance daygamer, I would highly recommend a coaching session with Jimmy Jambone if he can fit you in. he’s bloody good.

Final thought,  buy some cameras and try to get a crew together so you can push each other forward and review your progress. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get some recordings done, also make sure you are bloody DHVing!










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