Coaching with Jimmy Jambone – Ladyboy – Part 1

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After Xants rave reports about his coaching with Jimmy Jambone I emailed him and requested my own coaching session. January / February have been very hard months for daygame in London, I realised that I was completely losing my mojo. It culminated last week, in me going out and only opening 1 set. I wandered around kicking myself for 4 hours without being able to approach then went home.

My issue was I sometimes didn’t really know how to transition from the stack to the conversation / rapport, especially with English girls. I was worried that I’d come across as weird as I’d not have anything else to say after the stack. I’d start to pick random pieces of their clothing to comment about and end up sounding like a fashion critic rather than a fella trying to pick a girl up.  I’m happy to say i think issue this has been solved this weekend.

Roll back to Friday. Friday nights are HongKong girl nights, she is such a sexy little thing, she constantly is sending me semi-nude pics of herself. She came to mine and I banged the fuck out of her, I got a recording of her sucking me off. I thought about asking her for permission to do it, but just got my phone and and started recording, she didn’t object. We ate Chinese food later and I sent her home, I set my alarm ready for the Saturday early morning train to Cheltenham and went to sleep.

Mr S came with me for the coaching, we chatted excitedly on  the train about the coaching and tried to figure out how to use our mini gum cameras that we’d bought in the week to record our sets. We arrived to Cheltenham at 10am, dropped our bags off at the hotel. Then walked into town, Cheltenham was grey and overcast, I was unsure that we’d have enough sets to open in such a small place.

We met Jimmy in a cafe, he’d already assured us that “chelts was great for skirt”. First impressions of him were good, he’s a tall fella and gives off a cool relaxed rock-n-roll vibe. We sat and shot the shit for a bit, ate some breakfast then hit the streets. He’s extremely knowledgeable about game and regaled us with tales from his RSG days, the golden age of London daygame. I guess you’d call myself, Xants, and Mr S 2nd generation daygamers.

We hit the streets of Cheltenham, and took turns opening sets, Jimmy would suggest girls to us and if we liked the look of them we’d turn on our cameras, run in and do the stop. Pretty low pressure, there weren’t that many very-attractive girls as it was a cold wet day but there were enough OK girls to get infields with. There is a large girls college “Cheltenham Ladies College” where rich Europeans send their daughters. Most of the girls we stopped were therefore young, well dressed and from good backgrounds. I was expecting them to be difficult, but it seems that a good education takes a bit of the bitchiness out of them, as most were very pleasant young girls.

Cheltenham girls yesterday

Cheltenham girls yesterday

We took a few sets to get going, so Jimmy introduced us to a game he used to play with his wings. The most recent guy to approach gets “the ball”, and he can then assign his wing to open a girl. The wing then has to either open his suggestion or pick another girl to open. This worked pretty well, we pushed each other into doing a few girls that were below our normal threshold of attractiveness. The ball also allows you the power of veto to take a set even if your wing spots her first.

I assigned Mr S a particularly ugly girl, he refused at first. Then ran in, he came back annoyed that I’d made him do it, and promised to make me pay. Then a really cute petite wop girl passed us, I was about to head in, and he veto’d me. The bastard! He didn’t catch her though before she went into a shop, she never came out of it, turns out she worked there. I was happy at that. No such thing as Karma.

A sexily dressed Asian girl passed me. I’d already spotted her, she had her hood up and trotted by in heels. Jimmy told me “ow about ‘er”. She was one of the hottest we’d seen all day. I ran in and stopped her, she is from Philippines had a striped top, I accused her of escaping prison and smuggling people into the country. The set went really well, I’d thought I’d found a “yes” girl. She had some stuff to do, so I organise to meet her in an hour for a coffee.  Thinking back, the set went a bit too well.

We do a few more approaches, I get an older Brazilian girl’s number, she is off to work. Then we all sit down for a coffee and some lunch. After lunch i head back to meet the girl for our coffee date. Her hood is down this time, and I can’t help but notice how strong her jawline is and how she is very heavily made up. I look at her shoes and her feet look a bit big for them, there is also something up with her voice. It feels a bit wrong like a forced highness. I’m unsure now, is this actually a man?

yes /no ?

yes /no ?

She instantly notices my discomfort, asks if anything is wrong. I say “no”, we walk for a bit to a coffee shop. I’m still looking at her, trying to figure out if she is/isn’t a guy. We get to the coffee place and order a table. I’m still looking at her, I either risk being rude to a girl or I’m about to insta-date a man. I prefer to risk being rude.


Me: “You’re from the Philippines right?”

Her: “yes”

Me: “Okay, so I’m just gonna ask you, you are a girl right?”

Long pause…

Her: “If you don’t think I am, you can go…”


That’s all I need, I’m pretty sure an actual girl would have been more offended.  I thank “her” for her time, the waiter comes back to seat us. I leave and she goes to sit at the table anyway. I run out as fast as possible and I head back to Jimmy and Mr S. Ugh, I’d kissed her on the cheeks, twice!

That was my shortest insta-date ever. I run into the the coffee place where the others are. I tell them:

“she was a fucking guy, and you pushed me in Jimmy! you bastard!”

Jimmy doesn’t believe me, “she was definitely a girl” he says, “are you sure?” I explain and they start laughing. Mr S makes the point, that even if she was a girl, you wouldn’t want to date her thinking that she was could be a guy anyway. True.

Fuck sake, all the way to Cheltenham to almost insta-date a bloody ladyboy.

You can’t make this shit up.




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