Date Report Japanese 6.5 – Feel the steel

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So last weekend I met a Japanese girl in a bar in Nottinghill. I got her Facebook, didn’t really think much of the interaction as I was a bit drunk. I texted her on and off, and managed to get her out, I half-fancy her, mostly because I’ve never dated a Japanese girl.

I organised a date with her for yesterday evening, the HK girl had come over in the afternoon. so I banged her then let her go off. Whilst she was there my stomach started to turn and I ended up rushing to the bathroom, my shit came out like water. I sat there on the bowl thinking if I could do the date. Fuck it, quick shower to rejuvenate myself and off I go to Camden for the date. I choose Camden as she likes a metal group that I like… Steel Panther.

Steel panther, yesterday

Steel panther, yesterday

Arrive at the station, she is there on time. She looks a bit cuter than I remembered, I take her to the “World’s End”, I have a beer, she drinks a cider. I dig into her background, she lives with her mother and grandma in Osaka, she is here in the UK learning English.. or “Engritsh” as she puts it. She’d spent 3 months in France last year, so she talked with a weird Japanese-French accent. Didn’t seem like there was a father-figure around. She was actually pretty easy to talk to. I tease her about her boots, her accent etc.. She’s laughing quite a bit. I start a bit of light incidental touching all good.

They turn the music up to Eleven, so now I can’t really hear her. After we finish out first drink I bounce her to another bar. Thing is, because I’ve had the shits, it feels like I’ve not really ate anything, the alcohol is taking effect and I feel a bit drunk only after one pint. Obviously I take another. She gets a cider and we sit and chat more. I actually tell her about hitting on the Ladyboy in Cheltenham. She runs with it, and I tease her about being a Japanese Ladyboy. I do the 10 second start into her eyes game, some whispering into her ear and then pull her in for the kiss. Absolutely no resistance. First kiss of a Japanese girl.

She tells me she went to a Japanese-French meet up in Paris and all the guys were “geeks” they came with manga t-shirts and talked about Cosplay. She told me she hated all that shit. However one of her girl-mates was about to marry a French guy. She told me he was a virgin until he met her mate, and he’d  only slept with her mate. Then he’d told her that since her friend had slept with two guys that he wanted to sleep with another to make it “even”. You can’t make this shit up. Fucking betas.

After the kiss, I took her back to Nottinghill where she lives. I could have pushed for her to come back to mine, but she said she wanted to go to her room. I was feeling tired so agreed and walked her back. She leaves next Tuesday, so I’ll try and get her out this weekend and go for the bang.

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