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I’m currently sick of daygame and sick of the cold. My winter results haven’t been great, 2 lays with fairly average girls and one near miss. Considering I was averaging over 2 a month last summer, when I was pretty much new at this, that is crap. There is distinctly less girls on the streets when the weather is poor, or they look worse, I can’t decide. The cold doesn’t make the sarging anymore enjoyable either. In short spring can’t come soon enough but though the meteorological spring starts on Tuesday the forecast remains cold.

I didn’t go out at all this weekend, well not for the purpose of talking to girls anyway and I probably won’t go out next weekend either, though you never know I might be tempted. The weekend after that I’m going to Budapest and the weekend after that I’ve got to go to a “family do” so that weekends out to, I might not open a single set in March. I’ve been at it hardcore since last May so a bit of time off might actually be good for me and I need to do some actual work, the kind I actually get paid money for. If I don’t I’m going to be in the shit come summer, my plans will have gone to shit and I’ll have to get a job so that’s going to be my focus this month at least. That and the gym.

I’ve been lifting pretty solidly over winter and eating plenty, I’m now as strong as I’ve ever been, last week I deadlifted 180 kg for 5 reps and squatted 115 for 15 reps (that’s in 1 set I should add). I have however gotten just the tinciest bit fat and I’m sure it isn’t helping my results, so this month I’m going to make a dedicated effort to strip at least some of that fat. Luckily I know how to lose weight as I used to be really quite fat and I’ve also gotten really quite thin. Never take dieting advice from skinny fuckers, this may seem counter-intuitive but if they’re like my flatmate who is 6’3 and never weighed more than 77 kg they will not have a clue how to lose weight as they’ve never had to.

The key to losing weight in descending order of importance are: calorie control, macro-nutrient intake, lifting heavy, cardio (I prefer intervals because they aren’t boring), low gi foods, 6 small meals throughout the day, water intake.

The other reason I want to lose weight is I want my share of “free pussy”, by free pussy I mean pussy gotten through apps. I don’t want this instead of daygame but as a supplement, I know I’ll never hit the quality through apps as I can through daygame but it’s A LOT less effort but I get absolutely nothing through apps.

Heard of Bumble? It’s basically a Tinder rip off……for feminists… feminists….the only difference with Tinder being the guy can’t send the first message, the girl has to message first. Sounds awful doesn’t it! Well me and a friend did an experiment, we called it the Beta Test, where I made the chodiest most beta profile I could, I said stuff like ‘I’m a nice guy! I’m a male feminist!’ surely Mr Beta male feminist can get laid on a feminist dating app right!? I used some of my real photos and swiped everything right. My friend did the same however he put no profile, just 1 douche photo of him with his top off and his 6 pack showing. By the end of the day he’d got 34 matches and 15 messages, Mr Beta got 5 matches and no messages, all the matches timed out after 24 hours (girls have 24 hours to send first message).


Above: Mr. Beta’s profile

So what did this prove? Nothing that PUA’s don’t know already, given only one metric (looks) they all choose the hottest guys.

There were some hot girls on there though so I thought I’d give it another go, same pics but more alpha info. I did slightly better but not much, similar number of matches bearing in mind I was slightly more selective in my swiping I got a similar number of matches and 2 messages, hardly setting the world alight. So it’s clear, if you want free pussy you need a gym douche photo of yourself which is what I want to get.

Why the featured image on the post? Well Vaughn get’s all pissy if we don’t use a featured image and that’s a pic of Ronaldo’s ex girlfriend who we all agree is a 10. I chose it because I’m convinced Ronaldo is gay and Mr. S doesn’t believe me.


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  1. Post

    On second thoughts when you look at the blown up image her eyes don’t seem to be pointing in the same direction, I’d guess that’s an airbrushing error you only spot on a larger image but maybe she’s not a 10 in real life after all.

  2. Interesting post. I think you’re focusing on the wrong reason to lose weight though. Sounds gay, but do it for yourself not to bang your free 6’s off Tinder. You’re also ascribing weight as the solution to the looks metric.

    A fairer test would be to make your mate look a similar weight to you then retest. Then see if the results stack up, I read that girls don’t really care about your weight as long as you are naturally good looking and tall. He’s always gonna do better than you on there, like he’d always do better than me. (he’s taller and younger and better looking).

    Also, you’re profile is being compared to ALL of the other profiles on the App. Every male model, gym monkey and suave good looking man. You’re a Tiger trying to fight in the sea against sharks. Lose the weight to help your cold approach and improve your own confidence, not to bang some mid 30s tinder uglies.

    Having said that, I think Tinder / online stuff, can be good where looks are not the only metric under consideration. Any country with white-man god syndrome, where you can take advantage on smv arbitrage 😉

    1. That’s not the only reason I want to lose weight, I want to lose weight because I’m overweight and I’ve put on a stone over the last year, if I don’t arrest the weight gain and lose weight it will just get worse. I’ll feel better, I’ll get better results from daygame and I also think that if I can maintain my epic muscle mass and get my weight down to the low 80’s I will look absolutely awesome.

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