Solo Daygame Adventures 6 – Russian

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It’s very cold in London at the minute, makes daygame a chore. I headed to the gym this morning and did my lifting, that combined with the boxing and I’m getting into pretty good shape. After that came back to my apartment, I don’t normally like to pipeline places but since I’m going to Colombia and I don’t speak Spanish I decided to message a load of girls on a dating site.

I downloaded bluestack onto my laptop (it’s an android OS for desktop), then downloaded two apps – Tinder and Fake GPS. I then set my location to the town I’ll be staying in Colombia and started swiping. Fuck me, I’m impressed. Loads of the girls are really well put together, with huge fake tits and big round asses in tight jeans or dresses. Sexy as hell.

Colombian girl yesterday

Colombian girl yesterday

I’ve hit less matches than I expected, probably because I look more Spanish than the blonde hair blue eyed guys that they would go for.  I did match a few that are pretty hot, got messaging one cute 21 year old who seems keen to meet. I have been practicing my Spanish on there chatting to them. I also joined a dating site and spam sent around 50 or so messages. Along the lines of: I like your profile, I’m from London, you don’t look Colombian you look more French. Stupid I know but it seems to have worked and I now have an inbox full of messages from some very pretty girls. I know you can’t fuck a website, but even if I can get 1 or 2 of the hottest out, I’ll be more than happy.

Pipelining done, I decided that I need to do some daygame, I have done none since last weekend. Although I have done a bit of nightgame. None of the others guys are available, so I decided to head out on my own, mostly because I didn’t want to do it. When you don’t want to, you know you should. I opened only 5 sets, spent an hour and half out. Highlights: Scared the shit out of a Chinese girl, she was wearing leather pants, she took the compliment well after calming down. All these Asians they seem so timid. Why wear “bad girl” clothing if it doesn’t actually suit your personality, bloody Chinese, stick to Hello Kitty.

I spotted one of the hottest girls I’ve seen in a while, weaseled it though. Kicked myself over it. Took a coffee on Portobello, then when I left the coffee place a blonde haired pretty Eastern European girl walked past. She was walking behind two other similar looking girls, so I wasn’t sure if they were together. Apparently not, as she peeled off and took her time to take a photo of phone box. I took my opportunity and opened her. Accused her of being dangerous, she said she was. Said she had a “german look” because of her boots. She said she wished she was, then told me she was Russian.

Accused her of drinking vodka and hunting bears in the forests. She laughed at the stereotype, and was enjoying the interaction. Quite a hot Russian girl, more chat, I tried for the number, but she had a fiancee. “It’s ok, I rang him earlier he said it was cool to take you out for one glass of wine”.  She refused to budge on it, but could tell she liked me,

Left her and then went home, no numbers, but happy to be out in the field. Quick session done. I need to keep doing those quick couple of hour sessions to keep my daygame lubricated.

Can not wait until I hit Colombia. 😉

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