I cant wait for Summer

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Daygame in winter is hard. I walked back from the gym last Sunday shivering while snot ran down my face thinking am I weaselling?

A mate at work was describing gym before work habit which I used to do myself. He put it like this, once you start and get through the initial pain you feel great and motor away until something in life comes up and throws you off course for a few days and weeks. You think to yourself thats no problem ill just get this life issue out of the way i.e. sick child, new job, moving home, sick parent, etc. Then everything goes back to normal but the morning gym lingers. You write a new schedule, you set your alarm and put it at the other side of the room, you write out a new programme and diet plan but yet you stay up late for one more podcast the night before. People think working out is hard. Thats the easy part. Going is hard.

Daygame is the same.


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