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First off apart from the pick up coaching, i cannot say enough good things about the guy. I’ll refrain from the hero worship here but If you haven’t done already read he’s blog.

I wont go into to much detail about the weekend as the guys have covered most aspects. Ill just talk about myself as usual.

My game for the past year has been open, tease, tease wait for hook, tease, tease, and go for the number. I think my set duration  are coming in at about 30 seconds to 2 and half minutes.Basically real life tinder. At first i was disappointed to figure i have been doing fuck all right for the last year, but then i realised I have still been running up to girls on the street and teasing them in broad daylight in front of strangers. That has to be a fair chunk of daunting learning out of the way.

Jimmy thought us how to DHV and get girls into conversation. It was great to here Jimmy simplifying things down to its core, like listen mate she’s giving you clues on what to speak about. I had a penny drop moment when Vaughn and Jimmy sent me into set on day 2. I didn’t fancy her but the game was if you were picked you had to do it so i sucked it up after some moaning and ran in. I got the usual scared in what do you want eyes:

Me: Hey I seen you walk past and thought you looked really nice

Her: Erm ok thanks (about to walk away)

Me (struggling to think of something to say about her) ; you look a bit different, I take it your an art student?

Her : no i work in a call centre, but i studied art(eyes lighting up)

Me: Right that makes sense, why did you decide to leave the art world

She starts qualifying herself and lets out several key words that could be spun into numerous directions of a conversation. i threw in a tease about how hard it must of been when she found out art only pays in weed and she told me how she produces work and sells it at markets in her free time

The weekend was worth this lesson alone. Now i know what people are thinking. This is so basic how did i not know this. In some ways i used to always do this in real life but daygame is such an adrenaline buzz for the first year you get sucked into thinking only about the fancy lines. You shag a few early 20s and late teens (18+) and think the badboy look and NGF attitude is all thats needed. You wait for state to carry you through the day. Its a bunch of habits that got you through the first year that have now become your limiting factors. You forget how to talk about yourself, you give nothing away by being mysterious. I did quiet well with this approach but I am 6 foot and slim.


DHV’ing opened my eyes to how you should talk about yourself. At first you think this is so simple why have i not being doing this, but its not like spinning out a few generic statements. Jimmy encourages you to look at your own life and figure out what are your DHVs. Where are you a leader of men, do you look after your siblings, nephews, nieces, how exciting is your life. You will be suprised what you have going on that you dont express in set. And if you dont have anything going on well your development requires you to go out and get personnel DHV. Smoke and mirrors only last so long.

What i would say to anyone that Jimmy recommends is record yourself(i would say wait till your over the first 3 months though so you don’t over analyse at the start of your journey). Its cringe but you will be surprised, just because y0u know theory you will keep making the same mistakes and turn into a dancing monkey. If you have a wing get mics so one can listen while the other is in set.

I think i might read How to win friends and influence people again. This spring is all about the conversation.

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