Solo Daygame Adventures 7 – Penis straw

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I’ve struggled a bit recently with my motivation to do daygame. The cold weather combined with two regular girls and a want to work on my own projects has meant that trawling the streets for pussy has been less than appealing. I’ve also been training boxing twice a week too which has drained the tanks a little.  It’s ramping up to 3 times a week before I head out to Colombia, I can already see the physical changes.

In the week I headed out and did 2 hours of winged game with RamboPua and Mr S.  I hauled in 2 numbers from 5 opens. One was an early 20s Romanian 7, quite cute, I was in set for quite along time, over 15 minutes.

The other was a Malaysian 5, I don’t fancy her, but she’d IOI’d me as she walked past, so I reasoned I had to do it for the practice. She’d just eaten dimsum with a friend and was on her way home, a trainee marketer. She immediately started qualifying to me, the whole set was very easy.  When I got home, I deleted her number, brutal I know, and set up a date with the Romanian for this Friday.  Result.

Roll forward to Yesterday, I went out on my own, solo daygame in London is tough, a real test of mettle. I’d hoped one of my wings would be free to meet and do a session with me. No joy, none of the fuckers responded. in the end that was a good thing, as I realised I’ve been out sourcing some of my AA onto my wings rather than taking the bull by the horns myself.

So that left me with a choice, to go or not. One of the things that I’ve learned, is that when there is something you really don’t want to do, you should definitely do it. So I pulled my shit together and hit the streets.

I find its good watching some YouTube in fields before I go out especially where the guy is obviously not that good yet still managing a close. I reason that if those guys can do it, then so can I. I also write a couple of lines of new material down that I can use in set to keep things spiced up.

I opened 9 sets, I’d been optimistic to think I could do around 20. I let quite a few weasel, but as the day wore on the responses started to get better. I got a Taiwanese girl’s number. teased her about Hello Kitty and she showed me her phone, which indeed was emblazoned with the cute cats.  I almost managed to number close a cute Italian waitress on the way to her shift, but her Italian male co-worker turned up and cock blocked. Shit-luck.

The last set of the day was a very hot English girl from the North of England. She was laughing a lot, I teased her about her phone, her accent and her job. She was a trainee Accountant, with an amazing pair of tits.

“I can’t believe as a little girl you dreamed about growing up to be an Accountant, you’re a bit weird”.

Then bedded it down with some general chit-chat allowing her to open up to me. She was on Oxford Street shopping for a present for her mother’s hen do. I told her she should buy some penis straws.


Penis straw, yesterday.

Penis straws in good use, yesterday.


The whole day was pretty good really, I starting to really enjoy running daygame and was pretty relaxed. Probably my best solo daygame experience to date Anyway, I’ve sent Penis Straw girl a feeler text, I’m thinking that it’s a no go, as she’s read the text but not responded. meh. Another shot to nothing.

On analysis, I should have taken her for an insta-date as she said she wasn’t doing anything except “a bit more shopping”. Either that, or I should have continued with a few more sets to wring the most out of the bit of state I hit.

Date tomorrow. boom. My plan is pretty short: relentlessly escalate.


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