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It’s been weeks since I did any sets. Frankly it’s been a much needed break, I’ll have been daygaming for a year in may and even if I don’t get another lay by then I’m more than happy with the effort I’ve put in and the results I’ve got. Yet more proof that hard work = rewards. It does seem though that in life you only get so many effort points to spend, a bit like the points you have to allocate at the start of an RPG style computer game to things like Strength, Intelligence, Stamina etc except in real life your choice looks more like this:

20 points to spend in the following categories

  • Fitness (3)
  • Daygame (9)
  • Work (2)
  • Family (1)
  • Friends (2)
  • Drinking (4)

More recently it’s looked like this

  • Fitness (10)
  • Daygame (0)
  • Work (10)
  • Family (0)
  • Friends (0)
  • Drinking (0)

As you can imagine I’ve made good progress in my fitness and work is going relatively well although I’ve yet to be reaping the rewards from the work done yet.┬áNow though as the weather is gradually improving I can feel the call of the streets and another re balancing is going to come due, daygame will again be coming to the fore as of easter weekend. The problem is I still need to work hard as I need cash to John Galt it (or at least spend summer abroad) and I want to keep the fitness up to a decent level as I’m making good progress and that should help my game. I guess the only answer is to level up and get some more points to spend.

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