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Last Friday I went on a date with a cute Romanian girl that I met near Covent Garden after RamboPua pushed me in. Blonde blue-eyed and well-dressed in black with set of huge tits. The interaction on the day went really well, then she seeded the date herself after my first ping text. “We should really get a bite to eat”.  I think we should.

I asked her to come to Nottinghill Gate as it would be closer to me, she balks at that and suggests Shoreditch, I relent. So it gets to Friday and I have a cold and fell pretty terrible. I’m tempted to call it off. I then imagine her naked, what underwear she might be wearing and if her pussy is shaved.  That’s enough, Mmy blood stirs, I get showered, dressed and got to Old Street tube.  I’m trying to figure out a plan to get her back to mine, doesn’t seem feasible, more likely is her place. (somewhere in East London).

I arrive, then I get lost for 15 mins before I find her waiting outside the bar we agreed to meet at. She looks very good, she just got off work, doesn’t wear much make-up but is still pretty. I can’t tell what she’s wearing as it’s all covered up by a thick winter coat. The bar is rammed, so I suggest to find a quieter place.

First bar is a cocktail bar, the doorman lets me walk in but asks for her ID. First problem, she has no ID. She half-tries to persuade him to let her in, by showing him her credit card and saying she couldn’t own one if she wasn’t at least 18.  He’s having none of it, I shrug and say let’s go else where. Plenty of bars in Shoreditch. I point out to her that a credit card isn’t proof of identity, as she could just borrow anyone’s as it’s doesn’t have picture identity on it. “oh, yeah, I didn’t think of that” she says.

Getting lost had been a good thing, I had passed a quiet looking dive bar. I tell her “I know a place” then I take her there, at the bar she gets wine, I grab a beer. The conversation flows easily, we talk about her moving from Bucharest to London. She’s involved in tech and my first impression is that she is a very smart despite a bit of lack of common sense. She’s also seems quite driven, I instantly like her. I tease her about all the nerds hitting on her at the tech start-up she works at and some more you’re a vampire stuff.


Only comes out at night

Only comes out at night


She’s laughing, I add some flirty stuff, touch her hands, shoulders etc. There’s no resistance or flinch, she’s comfortable. I ask her about “dating in Bucharest”. She tells me men there are very direct, that they stare at the girls they like and will approach them. I ask how this compares to London, she says no guy ever approaches her. She told me that the day I’d stopped her, she’d decided to be more open to guys speaking to her.

I mentally high-five myself, this girl wants something that she’s not getting. I explain to her that most guys are too invested in their own ego to face the rejection from girls. She asks me how many times I’ve been rejected by girls. I tell her  “I go for what I want in life, and rejection is part of the process, but  yeah, a lot”.

She asks me how many girls I’ve stopped, I tell her a few, then direct the question back to her.  We talk about her last relationship and the last date she’s been on. Her last date had had been a month ago with an English guy she met through her social circle. She’d questioned him, trying to find anything interesting from him. She didn’t.

We talk about the importance of looks versus personality / connection. She tells me that she thinks women have it easy in modern western society and that they really too much on their looks and not their achievements. God, I like this girl.

I agree with her, drink a sip of beer, then pull her in for a kiss. No resistance, we make out in the bar. She tells me after that’s the first time she’s kissed in public in a bar. We do a bit more chit-chat. I pull her chair in closer, and put my hand on her leg. I tell her that she has very sexy legs, then I  “blame the beer” (Torero/Krauser line).  She kisses me.

It’s late and she says she has to get the last tube, I agree as the beer and the cold medication have taken effect and I’m feeling tired. I try a last-ditch “do you have some wine back at yours?” to invite myself. She says yes, but not tonight.

A very good first date.


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