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I took most of March off and came back to the ever *cough* welcoming streets of London about a week ago doing 4 days over daygame over the Easter weekend, I got about 5 numbers and had some really good days and some where by vibe was just shite, only one of the numbers looks promising.

Last weekend I did Saturday as I’ve got a random week off due to changing jobs (the John Galt plan is royally fucked for now, I’ll take another run at it in a year) so flew to Zagreb on Sunday.

Saturday was primarily shit, my Ausie wing seemed to be taking numbers left right and center but everything was going nowhere for me until I spied a lone asian. My track record with Asians is:

Japs – will not stop, they are scared of me

Chinese – stop and chat, it goes well, they give number and never reply to messages

Korean – same day lay

So I chase after the lone asian who is kind of cute but if I’m honest is not above a 6, she’s not a 6.5, she’s a 6. She hooks immediately and I soon realise why she is kind of cute, she’s from Singapore, just turned 18 and is starting uni in London in September, the cuteness is all down to freshness and naivety. She’s here looking at different halls of residence on her own and she’s bored, now this puts her pretty high on the SDL scale so I immediately suggest a drink and bounce her to bar 1.

Bar 1 is a small Irish bar just by Leicester Square, she’s actually quite pleasant and friendly and I do a load of qualification stuff with her “so let me get this right, you can’t cook, somebody else does your cleaning, what can you do?”etc. She drinks wine which was a nice surprise, I’d thought she might be teetotal.

Second bar is O’Neills, another Irish bar but I find a nice quiet corner upstairs and she has a cider. Well it was a quiet corner, within 20 minutes it’s rammed and Liverpool Spurs is on the TV. Now frankly this is a win for me as I’d been planning on watching the match and it gives me lots of opportunity to roll off and ignore her.

We leave at half time and I say I need to be somewhere later but that I’ll walk her back to her apartment, when we get there I ask to come inside to use the bathroom. Once inside we start chatting, sitting on some stools and eventually I pull her in for my second kiss attempt (I’d failed once in O’Neills), she resists a little but eventually we kiss. And it’s awful. I soon realise that not only is she a virgin, she’s never even kissed a boy before. It was a bit like kissing a mincer, she goes at it with gusto but eventually I have to tell her that while use of teeth isn’t strictly prohibited, it should generally be kept to a minimum and that kissing is primarily a lips and tongue activity.

Now I’ve got her back to her place within 2 hours of meeting her, she’s never kissed a boy before, clearly the lay isn’t on. I did finger her to an orgasm and ended up jizzing in my hand. She added me to facebook and I thought I might be able to take a run at it when she starts uni but she deleted me later that day, she clearly didn’t want anybody back home to know about what had happened.

Mr. S text me later that night saying they’d been in O’Neills and seen us in there “That bit where you were just staring at the football, that was seduction at it’s finest” I missed most of El-Classico though so I’m not sure it was worth it

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