Zagreb – Solo Eurojaunt Day 2

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I’m in my second day of my first solo Eurojaunt in Zagreb. So far I don’t think Zagreb is my city however I may be judging it a bit too quickly, we’ll see. I got here yesterday at around 3, dropped my stuff and hit the streets pretty much straight away. My first thoughts and this is going to prove very controversial in certain quarters, the girls aren’t really my type. There are some really hot ones, they are better than London but I don’t think they are as hot as Budapest or Kiev.

Equally I don’t think they like me much, IOI’s have been thin on the ground and results haven’t been great. Yesterday was better than today, I opened about 8 girls and got a number who is replying and had an Idate that lasted a couple of hours who was hot if also boring. She’s been messaging me today as well so I suppose I can’t complain. Today was an almost complete bust though, the first few sets seemed good but had boyfriends and then it went downhill from their. I did number close one girl but that doesn’t feel strong, by this time in Budapest and Kiev I was having to manage my dates closely as I had more dates than days left, in Kiev I was booking them into 2 hour long slots. Of course I never did get laid in Kiev and who knows what will happen here but I may decamp somewhere else.

*I wrote everything above earlier before I went out for some food, I’ve just re-read it, I’m being way to pessimistic. Granted I did better in Budapest and Kiev but I’m going to give it a week here and see what happens

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  1. interesting .. I heard girls were smoking there.

    curious what you do for a living to allow you to eurojaunt to various locations ..? don’t have to say if you want to keep it private.

    1. Post

      Given another day and yes, there are plenty of hotties, I think Kiev might just pip it though.

      Re job, let’s just say I’m a professional working in central London.

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