Zagreb day 3

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Well today was better, more up to my standard of game, not sure how many I opened but at a guess around 15 and from that I got 3 numbers and 2 Facebooks. 1 number has replied and looks to be, fingers crossed, a date for Thursday. The quality has also been really quite good; the date if it happens will be probably the hottest girl I’ve dated, possibly an actual 9, of the others 2 were professional dancers who I’d put at an 8 and a 7, an IT student who was a 7 and an economics student who was also pushing a 9 but never replied. All in all not bad for a days work.

Why was today better than yesterday? It’s either my vibe or my fashion. Most likely my Fashion as yesterday I wore scruffy shorts and a t-shirt, today I wore smart shorts and a well fitted shirt and I got way more IOIs. That said I’ve had some weird reactions to IOIs recently, some of my sets where I’ve had what you’d think of as strong IOIs have gone really badly, I think I may be confusing looks of disgust or ‘LODs’ with IOIs.

I’ve now got 3 nights left, so far all I’ve had is one Idate, I’ve got a number circling the runway hopefully now I can guide some in to land!

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  1. I still don’t understand how a girl just quickly glancing can be an IOI … I open regardless, but its occurred to me after getting bad blowouts even with a supposed IOI that sometimes a girl just looks out of curiosity, just as we look at all sorts of girls, different races, interesting clothes and so on can make us look over regardless of our interest in them!

    When a girl holds your gaze, that’s a giveaway she’s interested … but that quick glance which the community thinks means a girl fancies you Im not sure about, its perhaps a wider subset of ‘general interest’ and not ‘fancy you interest’.

    GL for the rest of your trip. I think your going to have to do SDLs with such short amounts of time in a city, or else make multiple frequent visits which could get pricey.

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