Colombia Daygame Adventures 1

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An update on the Romanian girl, in the week that I had left to try and seal the deal. I managed to get her onto my bed down to her knickers and fingering her, before putting her hand on my dick. As she did that, she said “I’m not touching your dick it’s the 2nd date”. Then she had a prior engagement to go to, I almost had her. I saw her again, tried to get her back but turns out she was starting her period. meh.

So I’ve finally arrived to Colombia, I got her in the early morning Sunday, went for breakfast with the couple renting me my apartment. I then went to the local mall, which is supposed to be the daygame hot spot. There were quite a few hot girls, some really done up, real jaw droppers. Then again there were also a lot of fat girls, coca cola and fast food have found their way here.

I think here you would need Spanish, as the few girls I tried to talk to in order to get my local sim only spoke Spanish. My Spanish is beginner, but am having lessons out here.

I’ve found that the Colombia Cupid / Tinder matches I made are not as responding as readily as I’d expected. This is probably my own fault as I couldn’t be bothered to really pipeline hard past getting their whatsapp number. Saying that, there was one who was very keen to meet today, and… 30 mins before, she cancels. Ahhh the infamous flaky Colombian girl, she does however want to meet up tomorrow. Still new to this here, so we’ll see what happens.

Colombian culos

Colombian culos

I got some essential supplies in the super market (Condoms, water, show gel), I’m pretty sure that the girl in the queue was hitting on me as she was talking in English to her child. I looked at her, she smiled, I didn’t say anything as she wasn’t hot. I do get looks from the girls here, and I stack up well against the locals, but I do look a bit Spanish so I don’t get the automatic shiny new thing effect. I know it’s just a case of applying some effort and flipping some stones. I don’t actually think it will be too hard to get dates.

Ohh and the asses out here, I’ve never seen anything like it.

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