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This day two weeks ago I flew to Madrid for a stag. As it’s a place I have not seen before I decided to go early to get in some daygame a couple of days before the crew arrived.


The build up to the holiday was a fucking disaster. The project I’m running was gone to shit with delays that I was trying to hide and negotiate 2 days before I headed off. I even thought about cancelling the trip a day before I left and get a direct flight to arrive on time for the stag. My daygame was gone to shit. The weather in London February and March was devastatingly cold and I was suffering with the winter blues. I had fucked off three birds that I wasn’t that impressed looks wise just before D3 without getting the notch, a Canadian friend zoned me, family issues and an ongoing drink problem. With this in mind I had built up Madrid to be the turning point of my year. I thought ill just head off drop in my bag and fuck everything that moves until my mates arrive. Easy peezy..


The Wednesday morning I left I felt like shit at the airport, which is unusual for me. I have a weird love for airports. Never minded them. In fact it’s the only place I continuously arrive to early. That day was different. The flight was delayed first of all. No big deal I was in no hurry. There was a weird tension building up inside me. I couldn’t get into my book. Coffee was tasting like shit and making me really anxious. I was tired from very little sleep the night before. It dawned on me. I was after putting severe pressure on myself to get a daygame lay and I couldn’t let it go. Fuck I was now 100% in my head. The worst place any daygamer wants to be in before hitting the streets. Logically I thought while on the airplane I technically only have two nights to get a lay so I had to get a few numbers the second I land get a date with one and try to nail her on the d2 before my mates arrived. Friday and Saturday was the stag and I didn’t want to be that guy that arrives in Madrid for a mates stag and fucks off with a bird half through. Not cool but that wasn’t going to be a problem as I had to make an approach first without some Spanish bird screaming rape and resulting in me being hauled off to prison for two days.


When I arrived at the hotel it was 3 o clock. I dropped the bag and walked up and down the street seeing could I make an approach. I seen a couple of girls nothing to write home about but could not tell my legs to run in front. Fuck it ill go for food. After food I decided to get toiletries, have a shower and spruce up to hit the streets. I don’t know how I did it but I managed to waste 3 hours doing this. Fuck it I thought I have to make one approach just one to release this stress off my back. I walked down around the main square, couldn’t do it, to the palace, couldn’t do it, back to the square and then back to a street I thought was perfect for doing the stop. At this point I was walking along in shock wondering how is this so hard shaking my head. I imagine I looked like a guy just released out of a mental hospital and I couldn’t believe how fucked the world was. And then it happened I was in. ‘Please tell me you speak English, erm yes a little, good I need to tell you something a little cheeky, ok, you look really nice, aw thanks, blah blah blah, I hope you enjoy your holiday in Madrid’ looking at me shocked as I ejected and fucked off for a pint. I have no idea what put me in there but the relief. I went to an Irish bar and had a pint while ponderinig to myself whether to go out that night and try my luck or put all my effort into daygame in the morning. I decided to have an early night.


The following morning after a great sleep I woke up feeling a different man ready for business. At breakfast I decided to take the pressure off and commit to doing approaches without the outcome of a lay that I had thought was not looking likely. The first 2 approaches did not speak English but they stopped easily and were friendly. The third approach was a bird sitting on a wall looking quite the daygame catch dressed in black and a bit slutty looking. I had some approach anxiety before walking up as she was in a position of waiting for someone to arrive. I sucked it in and went in for a pleasant chat. Half way through an Irish bloke rolled into the set looking for a lighter. After she gave him one I told him Id talk to him in a few minutes once she gave me her number. She declined as she had a boyfriend, but I had obviously found an admirer in the Irish guy as he asked what I was up to. I told him exactly what I was up to as I reckoned it would be last time I would see him. He asked me to show him so I jumped into a girl walking towards us and took her number. I had just hit my state and he asked would I fancy a drink. One won’t kill me I thought so we headed off to a bar and had a couple. I only realized when we got there that he was fucking thrashed. He had obviously been out the night before and was continuing the party on. It wasn’t killing me taking an hour off as getting into a nice social vibe in the bar talking shit to everyone in it. After the second we headed down to the square. I seen a young leggy girl coming across the street and approached immediately. We hit it off. She was a backpacker from Romania and was keen. Out of nowhere my new mate jumps in blind drunk and starts giving it this and that scaring the shit out of the Romanian. I apologized and took her number and said I would catch up with her later. I had to get rid of him. I politely put him on his way and got back to business. I must have done around 8 or 9 more approaches picking up around 4 more contacts and had a reply from the Romanian. For some reason I thought that was it id head off for dinner and put all effort into the Romanian. While walking back to the hotel I saw this long legged Latin looking girl whisk past me with an ipad in her hand. I thought ill have some of that and ran over to ask did she speak English to which she replied in a Canadian accent yea why. Yes I thought I might get a bit of laugh out of this one. I took the piss out of her ipad and chatted for a bit about her travels. When I went to take her number she said she lost her phone and went to give me her Facebook. I’m not into Facebook so I thought fuck it, ill take her for a drink now. She agreed and we headed off. Instantly I knew from my travelling days that this girl had nothing to do and was probably a sure thing for hanging out for the rest of the day. This is exactly what we did. We had a beer, then went to the park where I tried to kiss her, but then backed back thinking I had shown my cards too early. By the time we were leaving the park I had kissed her in a secluded spot. I knew it was on from there. We said we would check out the nightlife but had to go back to her hostel to drop in her ipad. I tried to steer her to mine but unfortunately hers was closer. So we just hung for the night, got food had and had a few drinks. I was actually enjoying myself when it hit me oh fuck maybe that’s all it is. So I gathered my shit together and said the famous words of ‘this is kinda shit, do you want to grab a bottle of wine and head back to mine. Yea ok’. Bingo I was on for the same day lay. First daygame SDL to be precise. I got her back to my room and with not one second of foreplay my cock was inside her. She called it out saying have you ever heard of foreplay to which I replied no. For the rest of the night she acted on my every wish. I brought her for condoms in just her coat, tied her up, and fucked her in an alleyway, the elevator and in the ass. The following morning I brought her to Good Friday mass and made her take her underwear off and hand them to me.


To say I had a look of Zen when the stag arrived was an understatement

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  1. didn’t quite follow the end bit totally … you went back to yours then ended up in an alleyway? why? sounds like you had fun anyway!

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