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It’s amazing how quickly it can all turn around. Amazing. Yesterday I really wasn’t in the mood for daygame, it was my fifth day in a row and I was aching for a day off. I headed out for breakfast at around 11:30 having slept in until 10:30 then hit the streets walking in a slow looping fashion around Zagreb’s daygame center. I was finding opening to be tough not because I had AA but just because I couldn’t be arsed.

I ended up getting one facebook but she was leaving town today and still hasn’t accepted my friend request, she was also pretty poor by Zagreb standards. I had a decent chat with a girl who was probably a 9 but she wouldn’t give me any contact details, the same with a trainee doctor who had very nice legs. By around 3 PM I was knackered, I called it a day and headed home to have a nap.

I’d been asleep for about an hour when I was jarred awake by the sound of my phone, it was a client, ‘for fucks sake’ I thought, the company I’d been working for went into liquidation last week but I still had to deal with this shit. After I’d spoken to him I pulled out my laptop and checked the citydaygame twitter feed  and had a look at the various pickup blogs I read. After reading Krauser’s latest post about his time in Prague and how up and down it had been I thought to myself “Right, the heat of the day is over, do a couple of hours then reward yourself with a nice cool beer and the champions league.”

K had also talked about opening girls he thought he had a high probability with and not just opening everything, I decided I’d do the same and I was scanning the streets for outliers, girls that don’t look like they conform. Then I spotted her, my first open of the session, walking along the street in platform shoes and with a tattoo on her neck. I gave chase. I was planning on opening with something about her shoes but when I got in front she was wearing ridiculous sunglasses so I said “I saw you walking along and I had to tell you I really like your style you look very cool, but what’s with those sunglasses, they make you look like a sexy Elton John.”

She hooked immediately and we vibed a bit on the street before she bounced me on an idate, yes you read that right, she said “This is going to sound weird but do you want to get a drink with me?”

Yes. Yes I do.

We found a nearby bar, I ordered myself a beer and she had some weird lemon vitamin drink. The conversation came naturally and I DHV’d the crap out of myself (cheers Jambone) she loved my story about meeting the Chemical Brothers backstage at Glastonbury. We were there for a good 90 minutes, maybe 2 hours, I’ve also got her onto wine and she’s had a couple of glasses. It’s also pretty obvious she fancied me as she kept checking me out.

I also found out: she’s 19; she’s in her first year at uni; she likes raving; she’s not very happy at uni, she feels she doesn’t fit in there; she’s a vegetarian; she loves fashion; her family is wealthy but look down on her because she’s not studying an academic subject; she’s not got many friends in Zagreb; she’s got several tattoos; she’s got a penchant for plastic surgery and has had her tits done. Now if that doesn’t read like a daygame girl checklist I don’t know what does!

When I come back from the bathroom I say “Is there a better bar we can go to around here?” This does risk losing a bit of frame but I’m the visitor in town and as I instigate it i don’t see it as a problem but she suggests she go home and get’s changed as she ‘looks like crap’ and that we meet up later and go out clubbing. This does solve some logistical problems for me but also creates some, I don’t really want to go clubbing so I suggest she meets me back at my apartment first for pre-drinks. We settle up the bill (I pay, it’s just easier and it’s not like it’s a fortune) on parting I kiss her cheeks, she says something about in Belgium they kiss 3 times so I pull her in and kiss her on the lips.

Interlude – I go back to the apartment, shower, charge my phone and watch Wolfsburg vs Real Madrid. She texts me saying she’ll be over around 11 (they go out late here) my plan is that we never leave the apartment.

When she gets here I put some music on my laptop and pour some wine. She looked great, if I were to describe her I’d say she was an 8 with a stripper vibe, big arse and big tits but small waist. Within about 20 minutes we’re making out on the sofa, she’s worried I’m going to ruin her makeup before we go out, I tell her she can touch it up. I end up popping her big fake titties out and fingering her clit under her panties but I’m not getting anymore until we’ve been clubbing, she does pretty much promise it for after though.

We head out and nothing is open, she’s given it the big sell about how great Zagreb is on a Wednesday but places are either shut or empty. She’s not a quitter though this girl and if all of the places in walking distance are closed we’re getting in a taxi and heading further afield. All the places in the taxi are also closed and I’m beginning to think I’m going to get away with it when we finally pull up to a place called Team. It’s open. It’s busy….

I immediately note to myself that Team is an anagram of Meat and it’s certainly a sausage fest in there. I’m also informed that many of the other girls in there are hookers. Nice. Anyway we drink, we dance to loud Balkan pop music, I pretend I’m enjoying myself. I have to fend off one other suiter but it’s pretty weak and he folds quickly, we’re making out quite a lot and I note how much she loves having her hair pulled.

Eventually she says “let me know when you want to go back to your place.”

Bingo! I wait another 10 minutes or so then grab her hand and tell her we’re leaving. We stop off at the 24 hour bakery (yes that really is a thing in Zagreb) to grab some food then come back to mine. The clothes come off, the gigantic shoes come off (see feature image) and we fuck. It’s not the best sex I’ve ever had, not that she wasn’t good fun but it’s a bit drunken. She literally falls asleep where she’s lying with my cum drying to a crust on her big ass then leaves early in the morning which leaves me time to write this!

I’ve also been informed that Vaughn has just achieved a similar feat in Colombia, I’m sure he’ll write his own report but that means that the 3 major protagonists on this blog have all traveled solo to 3 different countries and all gotten same day lays from daygame. We may just be getting the hang of this!

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  1. Good report man, i’ve just arrived to Zagreb last night, are you still around? if you are lets wing or get a beer together to share war stories.

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