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I hit a bit of a high after doing my first proper daygame session out here. I pipelined a girl from Colombia Cupid and got her to come meet me at a bar at my local mall. I’m a bit wary of the quality of girl on that site, as most I’ve talked to seem to be time wasters or attention whores. The chances are also that they have been run through by other gringos and won’t give it up easily.

After an insta-date with a hot black theatre student I head back to my apartment, with just enough time to shower and get ready for the date. I walk to my local bar for the date, she arrives and my fears about her being not-hot were pointless. Medium skin tone, long-dark hair, tight jeans, nice ass, heels, pink top and I can see her bra through it, leopard skin pattern. I instantly fancy her. One problem – Spanish is the only language she speaks.

We take a couple of drinks at a bar, my Spanish is getting the job done. I tease her about being a hamster, about being dangerous, having a gun in her bag, I spike it up with some “eres muy linda” and “mi gustar tus ochos” lines. She’s loving it, the bar also gives the girl a small free gift, we ended up with a little rubber flower which I kept hitting her with and a small book. I told her she had to keep the book safe because it had my heart in it. I then drew a heart and a stick man picture of me and her inside it.

Two drinks in, it’s going really well, I tell her that I want to go dancing, she agrees, we get a taxi. As we are getting to the place she tells the taxi driver to hurry up as she needs to pee. She keeps crossing her legs, I ramp up the kino in the taxi putting my hands on her leg and pulling her in. The place we want to go to is closed, fuck. We’ve come 15 minutes in a taxi.  now she says she knows a good place near where we had come from. (near my apartment, good sign ;)) So back we head, but the taxi driver takes a long route to squeeze a bit more cash out of me. Fucker.

She now really really needs to pee, crossing and uncrossing her legs but she’s trying not to cause a fuss. I tell the taxi driver to stop at a bar, the closest place is a casino. We stop, she asks the doorman if she can use the bathroom and in she heads. She looks hot, so he immediately just let her in. I wait about 10 mins in the taxi for her  to do her business and she comes back out. She looks visibly relieved. Good job we stopped when we did as we then hit a shit load of traffic caused by an accident.

Colombian jeans yesterday

Colombian jeans yesterday

Now it’s been about 30 mins in the taxi and we start heading to the place she suggested. I’m bored of the taxi ride and want another beer, I can also feel the bubble going a bit. I spot a large bar and tell the taxi driver to stop. It’s a salsa bar, we’re early for the dancing to start, but they are playing music. There are a couple of other couples dotted about the place. We grab a pitcher of beer and I escalate and go for the kiss. Initially a bit of resistance, then “dame un besos”. Literally give me a kiss. The line works and we kiss, she starts to get more into, and I use that as my opportunity to push her away by not letting her kiss me.

Don’t think she’d experienced that as she kept referring back to it the rest of the night, and attempted the same with me. I pull her up to dance some salsa, the tension is now through the roof, she keeps looking at me, then I’d look back into her eyes. She’d then try and break the tension by covering her face with her hands and giggling. Very very sexy. I pay for the beers, we leave and flag down a taxi. “Te gustar vini, tengo una botella en mi casa”.. “Si”.

Back to my apartment, I tell her to chose the music, we dance more, sip wine. I get her top off, she’s knocking back the wine, I calculate 4 beers and 2 glasses of wine, I’m feeling a bit drunk so she must really be feeling it. I push her onto the bed, I get her jeans half down but she won’t take them all the way off. I finger her through her red panties, she’s soaking wet. Finally after about an hour of struggle and doing a small freeze out, the jeans come off.

Man her ass is awesome, her body is slim, but the Colombian girls seem to be blessed with these awesome thicker asses. I’m on top of her, and slide it in. Colombian flag achieved, I’d met her 4 hours earlier, we fuck hard, then I fall asleep. I bang her twice more that night, she wakes me up next morning with a blow job, before she leaves in a taxi.

I love this country, not a daygame lay, but still, awesome.


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  1. you spanish is really bad… it’s ilusion to figure that any of your lines makes the job in my opinion you should focus in a more straight approach
    [almost as bad as your English ;)- V]

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