Womanizers Bible – A review

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After my recent success in Zagreb I’ve been in a pretty jubilant mood and have had some time on my hand as having had one of the biggest successes and certainly biggest turnarounds in my daygame career to date, I haven’t had the motivation to really try for another in Zagreb. Sure I’ve opened a few girls and got a couple more contact details but time was short and I’m not really bothered about putting in much more effort. So what better way to spend an evening than buying a pizza, 2 bottles of red wine and Krausers new Womanizers Bible video product.

Everybody who reads my posts knows how highly I rate Ks books, they are the main resource I used when learning daygame and using that model I get laid pretty regularly with YHT girls. In short the model works if you have the right attributes and work the model and are prepared to work hard. This is the first video product I’ve bought.

‘Pray tell, what is this Womanizers Bible?’ I hear you ask. It’s billed as meta level game theory otherwise known as Mind Wank and it certainly delivers. The product is basically a lecture that Krauser gave to a select audience about a year ago and is broken down into 9, 30-45 minute videos for a total of about 6.5 hours.

Krauser weaves together theories from Austrian economics, philosophy, financial markets theory, marketing and a whole host of other sources to build up his view of what is behind the sexual market place and Game and some ways that you can optimize your game for best results. It’s very manosphere heavy as you’d expect and it’s certainly very interesting.

My criticism would be I didn’t really find much in it that will change either the way I run my game or the way I live my version of the Players lifestyle however it isn’t a “how to” nor is it meant to be. If you’re purely a Game guy and have never read any Manosphere material many of the concepts will be entirely new to you, personally I was familiar with many of the topics K discussed but as a bit of a Game nerd enjoyed the depth he went into them in.

At $49 (about £35) the price point feels right and I feel like I’ve gotten value for money, I’ll definitely re-watch it as there is a lot to take in. In short this product is not for beginners, they should stick to other products like Beginner Daygame, Nitro, Mastery. This is something for the theorist, the daygame intellectual if that sounds like you then jump in and buy it, it’s only £35. You’ll find the link here.

RamboPUA – you should definitely buy it, it’s right up your street.

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