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I’m trying to get my thoughts together about running game in Colombia. In general the women are very hot, I’ve done 2 sessions of daygame in a week here. The rest of the time I am learning Spanish, hitting the gym and going on dates from Tinder or Colombian Cupid. You do get IOI’s here, just walking around the girls will look at you and make it pretty obvious they like you. There is quite a mix of skin tone in girls from very dark to almost white European, most girls fall somewhere between, with dark straight hair that falls straight to their mid backs, they can be very attractive. The general going out dress is tight jeans showing off their ass and a top showing their midriff. It’s some very sexy girls.

The demeanor is also very friendly, I’ve not been blown out harshly here at all. I’ve had the boyfriend line when I stopped a super-hot girl. I’ve not really done enough daygame here to draw solid conclusions about how effective it is. Since Colombia can be a dangerous place, approaching girls in the street has to be done pretty carefully. The few I’ve done found it pretty odd to stop them, they are more used to meeting guys through the clubs and social circles they have. It is possible in busy areas though.

I’ve been going to a few social events organised by my language school, I’m not convinced they are worth it beyond building a bit of a social circle out here. Since I’m 36, Spanish looking and not very tall, at these events I’m competing with young, taller, whiter, in-shape guys with better Spanish than me for the local girls. I’ve not been impressed either with the quality of girl or the amount of girls at the events. Upwards of 20 guys with an equal amount of girls, some non-Colombian backpacker types. Maybe 3 or 4 girls are worth banging, it’s like being back home, with some fierce competition.

The clubs are also a bit difficult to approach in, they are packed with large mixed sets. Anyway, to the lay, this is another lay from online, I matched her on tinder. Same day we meet for a drink at the mall near my place. She’s short with a pretty face and huge rack. I arrive, she arrives late (as always here). Dressed in a tight yellow top and short black skirt, her tits are thrusting out of her top. Yeah I fancy her.

Try not to daygame their gfs

Try not to daygame their gfs

We get a taxi to an area with a load of bars. She tells me we can’t have a drink at the mall bar as it’s in front of her ex bfs place. Okay. We chit-chat a bit in the taxi, she’s a student, she normally lives in Germany but came home to visit her family here in Colombia. She’s pretty feminine, she says she wants to meet her friend then we can find somewhere for a drink. I’m happy to go along for the ride, we meet her mate, a Colombian guy, it’s a quick hello then goodbye. Then we get another taxi to a bar,she pays the taxi (that’s a first here) it’s not the best bar, a bit of a dive place. She tells me she needs a drink. We buy beers, she’s sat next to me.

She’s very open about fancying me, and initiates touching me. She tells me about her ex-bf. She found him at home fucking the cleaner, and broke up with him 2 weeks ago. It’s a Polish guy, she met through tinder. I’m still not really sure about her, as it all seems too easy. I go with the flow. As we’re drinking the second beer. A group of 10 or so rough looking Colombian guys enter the bar. One is wasted and he’s roaming about the place. The security doesn’t even search them on entry, they look shit scared. There’s some pushing and shoving, with another group of guys. Time to leave.

We drink up, head out and get a taxi to the same bar I’d gone to with my earlier bang. We get a table and a bottle of aguardiente, we drink shot after shot. The bar is busy with a dance floor, they are playing salsa.  I pull her up to dance, she’s all over me, we kiss on the dance floor.  Back to the table, she asks me if I want to go swimming in her pool. This is nailed on, I suggest we get a drink at my place first.

Taxi back to mine, small amount of resistance to taking her clothes off. Top comes off easily, but takes a while for the skirt. At one point I freeze her out and tell her we’re going fast, so she can leave if she wants to. The small push is enough, off comes her skirt. She’s wearing lacy green panties, she came to fuck. The panties stay on, i pull them aside and push my dick into her. She tells me she wants to be fucked hard. Then she tells me to hit her, I start slapping her face and choking her a bit. She fucking loves it.

Then I pull out, it’s dark and i notice a really strong smell. She doesn’t notice and starts sucking me off. Then she says it tastes funny. I look down and realise my hand has blood on it. She starts saying “oh my fucking god”  and realises shes sucking her own period blood off me. I start laughing, she runs to the bathroom and I can hear her rinsing her mouth then she jumps into the shower.

I shower after, then I come back out and she finishes the job. “I want you.. come in my mouth”.

2nd Colombian notch achieved. This week I’m going to try some salsa lessons and I want to do at least 3 approaches a day here.



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