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On the way back from the bathroom on a date a girl came up to me and handed me a piece of paper, on it was a telephone number and a lipstick kiss. The girl who handed it to me was ugly, very very ugly, but she tells me it’s her friends number. I take it, bit flattered but not really giving it a second thought as the date I’m on is going well and the girl is hot. I return and don’t think much of it, actually I think that because the girl that handed it to me looked a bit manish perhaps her friend and her are trannies.

I wait a couple of days almost thinking not to respond, on a whim I plug her number into whatsapp, her photo comes up in the profile pic box, she’s pretty. I fire off a text and organise the first date, we’re due to  meet but on the day of the date she cancels blaming the weather. Okay. More to and fro and we organise another date. It’s due to be at 630pm, but she tells me she has another appointment at 8pm. Okay.

It gets to 6pm, she hasn’t confirmed, I’m about to get ready then the power for my apartment goes off. Apparently it’s barrio wide, I haven’t showered and I was about to iron my shirt, Also I can’t see much in the room as it’s pitch dark. I’m not even sure the date is on, my phone power is dying. She then sends me a message, it reads like she’s cancelling. I’m sat in my room sweaty, dark with no date organised, I lie on my bed I hate the flakiness of girls here.

Then 5 minutes later.. my phone pings with a question from her “Donde esta?”. I send her my location, she then asks me to go meet her as she’s just finished work. She works at a hotel, I almost cancel because I’m thinking I look like shit and I smell. Fuck it, quick wash under the arms, I put on my crumpled white shirt, spray some cologne and I leave to meet her. My shirt is pretty dressy for here, and on the way to the date I steal a few looks from some girls. They either fancy me or they want to do my ironing.

I head to the bathroom of the cafe, double check I don’t have any bogeys or anything untoward about my appearance in the mirror then go to meet her.  Because of the rush and the heat, I’m sweating a little and the shirt is clinging to me. I turn the corner of the counter and she’s stood there, fuck me, she is pretty. She’s wearing her work uniform a black jacket / skirt and white shirt. She doesn’t want a drink so I order an ice-coffee and try some small talk with the guy serving at the counter.

I go and sit with her, she only speaks Spanish. I try my best Spanish, there’s a bit of confusion now and then but the conversation starts flowing. Fuck she is hot. We talk about how we met. I tell her she’s a bad girl  as I was on a date with a different girl. She tells me I’m a bad guy for messaging her. She asks about the other girl, I tell her it’s just a friend. She tells me she saw me kiss the other girl. I say yeah, close friend and sometimes I’m a bad boy.

I genuinely fancy her, so am staring into her eyes. She tells me to stop looking at her like that, I tell her to move aside as actually I’m trying to see the shops behind her. I touch her hands, ask about her rings, she asks me a series of questions about who I am and what I’m doing in Colombia. I tell her I’m here to discover more about her country, learn Spanish and that I have some online work I do. Which is all true.

Pretty close, but her face is a little more indian looking

Pretty close, 1 point less and her face is a little more indigenous Indian looking

I ask her why she sent  me the note with her number, she says she thinks I’m attractive. (muy lindo)  I tell i think she’s also very attractive, we talk about the qualities she likes in men, typically she mentions a man should have ambition, honesty and a sense of humor. She tells me how difficult it is for her to find a boyfriend in Colombia as she says most of the guys like to sleep with other girls. I tell her it must be difficult.

We compare body types of English girls to Colombian girls. I keep getting closer and notice at one point her face hovers closer, I try the kiss, she brushes it off. More chat, some hand holding, I touch her thigh,  I get close again and pull her in for the kiss. No resistance. She has pink lipstick on, so it smears my face. She laughs, I laugh and tell her pink isn’t my color, I prefer blue. She laughs and tells me she’ll wear it next time.

8pm has come and gone. I tell her we should go for a walk as I need to buy water and candles for my apartment. We walk to my local shop buy the candles and water then back to mine. I don’t need the candles as the power is back. I’m thinking if there is anything I shouldn’t show her in the room. Fuck, there is a photo print of me and another girl on the counter. I enter the room and quickly hide it, she doesn’t notice then I realise my room is in shit-state.

I quickly tidy, she comments and says I’m a messy boy. We drink water and eat grapes, I get her to light the candles whilst I was rinsing the grapes. We eat the grapes and I use them to kiss her and pull her in. I dim the lights.  A bit of dancing, she keeps lightly reprimanding me for touching her ass (culo). She takes off her jacket, I can see her large cleavage under her shirt. Onto the bed more making out, I can’t get further as she keeps telling me it’s too soon.

At one point she’s on top of me, I try to put my hand between her legs, she won’t let me. She’s getting worked up, and the kissing is getting more passionate. Then she rolls off and tells me she has to go. Looks like her mind is made up, so I don’t push the issue. I kiss her more and walk her to a taxi.

Very good first date, I’m happy to have escalated so far. Colombia man!


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