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I’d been texting a girl on and off that I’d met through a dating site. Yes I know not daygame, but still, the profile said she was 18 and she’s hot. She lives in a small town about an hour from where I’m staying in Colombia. The first week I got here I’d aimed to go meet her, I cancelled in the end as I wasn’t sure how the fuck I’d get there. I’d had it in my mind that I’d just get a taxi down and see what happens. Not a good plan.

I organise to meet her the following week, still with the mind to get a taxi there which would have cost me about £20, (90,000 Colombian pesos) . Masculineprofiles is here and he’d suggested that I should book a hotel before hand, assuming the sale. The previous night before I’m due to go there, I search the net for a hotel in this little town. I can only find one and it doesn’t look very good. I ring them anyway and I can’t get through. Fuck it, I’ll find a hotel when i get there.

So I sit in my room and weigh up the pros and cons of a taxi versus hiring a car. I know the bus is an option, but I really hate buses. The driving is chaos here, traffic is crazy and the people don’t follow any road rules, I decide to hire a car. I manage to hire the smallest car in the world from some little Colombian Car rental company which is a knock-off of Enterprise rent-a-car. They have the same green and white logo and typography. I can’t work out how to wind the windows down from my car as they’ve removed the handles. It’s boiling hot and it takes a while for the A/C to kick in. I’m sweating and wondering what the fuck I’m doing. I know, I’m chasing 18 year old pussy.

I hit the road,  my GPS is on, and I’m trying to hide my phone from view as guys on motorbikes if they see your phone can rob you at traffic lights.  Off I set, traffic is chaos but really slow, so actually it’s not that bad. I just drive aggressively and assume everyone else is doing likewise. The whole process to rent the car and get going takes longer than expected. I leave late, and the girl is texting me asking where I am. Good sign, she’s keen.

Takes me an hour or so to get there, no real problems, except there is a toll road, and I can’t open the windows, I also used the lorry lane to pay at the counter. So the attendant is a good 3 ft above the window. She’s laughing, as I try again to wind the window down, then I have to exit the vehicle to pay her.

Jean shorts today.

Jean shorts today.

I get to the little town, I’m due to meet her at a park cafe. She’s intermittent over text, so I’m not sure exactly the plan. As I enter the town, I pass a well presented hotel. I do a U-turn, park and go to the reception. To my pleasant surprise the rooms are clean, modern and actually very nice. I check in, text the girl then take a shower. She’s says she ‘ll come meet me at the hotel. 45  minutes later I get a message from reception that she’s arrived.

Internet dating is always a bit hit and miss. I’m hoping she’s hot as I walk to meet her, she’s wearing tight jean shorts, sandals, long tanned legs, dark hair and a little top. I fancy her immediately. Apparently I have the same effect on her. She hugs me, we chat a bit in mixed Spanish, English then she says she will show me her town. I tell her I’m hungry, she says she knows a place. We walk for 15 minutes. The streets are full of people, I’m a little concerned as a couple of guys eye-ball me. I ask her if it’s safe, she says it’s completely safe. Hmm.

We walk to a little restaurant and I order chicken and rice, she says she’s eaten. The conversation is flowing, she’s really into me. I feel a bit like a rock star, she takes loads of selfies with me and sends them to all her friends. She’s 20 not 18, she’s a student and also teaches Spanish grammar at night school. We finish the food, she says she needs to charge her phone, I tell her I have a charger in y room. We walk back, we’re hand in hand. I pull her aside and kiss her. She’s loves it and responds passionately.

I’m concerned that the receptionist won’t let her in, but all that’s required is her name and signature. We head to my room, I put her phone on charge. She removes her shoes, good sign. We put on the TV, they are playing Harry Potter dubbed in Spanish.  I escalate, her legs are fucking awesome. I’m kissing her, she keeps saying “don’t” but she’s not stopping me. I get her top off, and kissing her nipples. I put my hand under her jean shorts “don’t”.. but she’s not stopping me, then finger her through her shorts.

The shorts are so tight, and her ass is fucking great, it’s a small struggle to pull them down. She says “don’t” again, but she doesn’t stop me. Then she says “do you have a condom”.

Yes, yes I do. I fuck her hard.

Colombia is awesome.



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  1. They say there is no such place as pussy paradise…..they haven’t been to Colombia….that said you’re taking your life into your hands in search of pussy way more than in EEurope! Well done my friend, lets see if you can keep up the 2 per week average!
    [no pressure, ahaha – V]

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