Lay my first 21 year Colombian Hotel receptionist

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I hit a  new mall for daygame with MP, it’s the biggest in the city that we’re in and it’s spread over several levels. We walk the mall checking out the talent. All the malls here seem to be a family event, there are a few cute girls around but most are in groups or with their family. I was determined to open a few sets as I’ve not done much daygame at all out here. The two previous sessions had resulted in an insta-date then a 2nd date with a black girl. I got her back to my room on the 2nd date. She got angry and told me I was after only one thing.  One awkward taxi drive later and I never saw her again.

The other girl, I organised a date with but she then stopped responded to my messages. meh. Not a blazing start to my daygame career here in Colombia. So I tested the waters once more. My first approach was on a girl at a kiosk. I opened her indirect, asking if she knew where the best cakes were. She hooked easily, I then went direct, told her I fancied her and got her number. 1st number done.

The 2nd approach was a girl buying arepas for her lunch, I number closed easily. MP then opened a super-hot girl, but got blown out as she had a boyfriend. He then spotted another hottie with huge tits, he pushed me in. (which he later regretted) She was waiting for a friend, I accused her of buying too many shoes.  She’s  very hot, with a pretty latina face, good body. I number closed her, then her friend arrived, the option to insta-date was there, but MP didn’t like her friend. To be her friend looked a bit like a skinny guy in drag. We say our good byes, they look a bit disappointed. I tell her I’ll call her.

On to the report, so the girl who gave me her number had been a bit hit and miss on text. The first date had gone well, then it gets to Saturday and I still have my rental car. I suggest we head out of the city for some tourist stuff. She agrees, then she turns up on time to my apartment, she just got off work at the hotel. She’s wearing a tight black and white striped dress with heels and pink lipstick. She steps through the doorway and kisses me full on. Good sign.

Like an idiot I actually start to get my things together for the trip. Then I realise she’s looking at me, she’s sat on the sofa in my apartment playing with her hair. I decide I’ll try and escalate hard now. I start kissing her, we make out on the sofa. Every time I hit her limit, she makes a sound like “uh-ah” then removes the offending hand. I get her heated up and whisper into her ear, then kiss her neck. I pull down her top, “uh-ah” but this time she doesn’t physically stop me. I kiss her nipples, her tits are huge.

She then suggests we move to the bed, onto the bed, I close the blinds. More kissing, she rolls on top of me and starts grinding into me. Her top is half down, and her dress is half up. This is a moment I won’t forget. She is wearing these little lycra shorts under her skirt. She suddenly realises they look a bit ugly, gets up then goes to the bathroom. She comes out and is down to just her lacy panties with her dress around her waist half covering her round sexy ass. A few more “uh-ah’s” as I escalate, then she’s breathing hard.

I take her hand and put it on my dick, she looks at me, then says “tienes preservativo”.  Yes, I do. We fuck then fall asleep. After, we go to eat in a little cafe, she explains to me about Colombian food and promises to cook for me.

I love Colombia.

Also when I’d taken a shower, I came out and she’d washed my dishes and made the bed.

Did I say it already, I love Colombia.



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