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Daygame is a struggle even at the best of times, why not share that pain? So here at CDG we’re introducing our new push your approach anxiety onto someone else find a wing classifieds service. All you need to do is to put your details into a comment and add it below, then any other budding young daygamer can contact you directly.

Please include the following details:

  • nick name
  • contact email address
  • approximate level
  • your location

I’d recommend using an alias email since this is a public facing page.

Here’s what mine would look like:

Vaughn – London, 2000+ approaches, 20+ Daygame lays. – Looking for a wing in central London. – get in touch with me at:

Goodluck 😉



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Comments 26

  1. London ,50+ approaches ,0 daygame lays .Complete newbie in daygame(mostly nightgame exp but trying new things) . Send me an email i’m in london only for a few days so dont bother contacting after May 3rd 2016.

  2. Stingers. ~1,000 approaches. 5 DG lays. London. Looking to expand DG circle. Already hit the streets with two other experienced DG’ers (both double digit DG lays). Standard central London session is rolling solo for an hour or two then meeting up with a wing for a few more. 10 sets minimum per session, no ifs or buts…

  3. I don’t know why as intermediate daygamers you’re encouraging competition in an already burnt city. It’s getting to the point now where I don’t think even the top guys could recover from girls saying they’ve already been opened multiple times that day

    1. Post

      Oh god the sky is falling.
      Where is your evidence? London is too big to get burnt out, there are not enough active daygamers to make a mark, and even less doing well and getting laid.

      “On an average Saturday (Sept’ 2010), footfall across Oxford Street was over 700,000 people – averaging around 4.3 million people a week; over 220 million people per annum.”


      1. Throw out all the numbers and stats you want man, it’s what I’ve found from recent personal experience. I just don’t get the encouragement of chodes to burn the streets.

  4. Andres, 29 from Colombia. I’ve done over 800 approaches in Slavic countries, just moved to London, message me if you want to do some winged Daygame.

  5. Looking for a wing in Prague, from May 9. I’m staying for two weeks. I have less than 100 daygame approaches, 2 lays. I’m advanced nightgamer though, so not a newbie in game generally speaking.

  6. Hello people!

    I’m completely new to this, and tbh haven’t watched all that much content, but this looks super interesting. I’m sure it would be an interesting experience if nothing else to try out the daygame thing, and I’d be fully up for that if there were a few others willing to come along.

    So yeah, complete noob in London looking for a few wingmen, get in touch!
    – Jay,

  7. Hello, I need a wingman in St. Petersburg. I have the worst possible skills in terms of relationships.

    nick name: Robert
    contact email address:
    approximate level : None
    your location : Saint Petersburg, Russia.

  8. Was into daygame a little while ago,settled down with a girl only to be dumped for god!

    Over 100 approaches
    No lays but two long term girlfriends which im not looking for now,just some daygame experience.

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