Double virgin disaster – part 1

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I’m normally used to only having to organise one date per evening, the majority of time in the UK the girl will show up. That is simply not the case in Colombia. To guarantee that you will have a girl sat in front of you, you have to book in two dates for the evening. Invariably one won’t show, so you’ll have the other one. I’m not used to doing that, I prefer the girl to show or at least flake early enough so that I can plan in another girl.

So I organised two dates yesterday, the first at 6pm was a black theater student, she took me to see a production at her university. This was a girl who I’d insta-dated then coffee-dated, I’d pulled the trigger too soon and she’d accused me of only wanting one thing before telling me “not to contact her again”. I duly obliged as I couldn’t be bothered with her shit, then 2 days later I get a long rambling message from her, where she apologises for being in a weird mood that day.



I leave it two days to respond, send her a video of a puppy then tell her not to worry, and that it was nice meeting her.  She then responded inviting me to the theater production. So that’s the first girl, the 2nd girl is a 19 year old Colombian girl I approached in a mall, she was sat waiting at a cafe for an interview. I ended up sitting with her whilst she ate, I ordered some ice-cream. She then seemed really keen over text, she cancelled the first date but then we organised a second date. That’s was last night at 10pm.

2 dates no bangs and all my own fault.

I meet theater girl and again she apologises, we watch the show, it’s pretty good but I don’t catch much of the dialog. I leave most of the show then I escalate her by putting my hand onto her leg, I can tell she’d been wondering if I still liked her or not. After the show we walk through a park and I kiss her, then we sit outside and drink a beer. We chat a bit, she shows me some photos of her in the show she was in last week. The costume was pretty sexy and she was wearing makeup. She looked hot. She’s not wearing any make up now, she says she doesn’t like to as she feels like it’s a mask.

Jean shorts yesterday, black edition

Jean shorts yesterday, black edition

Her body is good, long dark legs but the lack of make-up is frustrating. She’s wasted potential, but she is wearing the jean shorts I love. She has one beer then refuses a second. Hmm. I buy myself another one and confirm the date with the 2nd girl over text. I’m thinking I should leave, but then theater girl says she has to go and would I walk her to her apartment. Okay. this is new. So we walk to her apartment, it’s a little room with one double bed, no air-con or fan. I forget this is how people live.

She tells me “nothing is going to happen”. hmm, so something is gonna happen. She makes me a sandwich and we sit and chat, I’m still trying to work her out. By this time it’s getting close to the time I have to meet the other girl. Now I’m stuck, I’m in the same room with this girl I might be able to fuck tonight but the other girl is hotter and wants to meet me now. I stall with 2nd girl and she says she will go out with her friends and that I can meet her later. Okay, more time to play with.

I ask theater girl about her last boyfriend, she tells me it was 4 years ago.  She then asks me how many girls I slept with. I agree and amplify and tell her 500. She laughs but seems persistent about the real number. I try and deflect again by telling her, that’s a personal question and that I don’t know her that well yet. I end up picking a random number in the low 30s, and ask her the same question. She’s hesitant at first then tells me she is a virgin.

We kiss more, she puts some music on then dims the lights. Does she want to lose her v-plates now with me? Fucking yes. I get her heated up, her top comes off, then I pull mine off. We’re kissing passionately, she’s getting into it. I put my hand down the back of her jean shorts and finger her through her panties. She’s soaking and moaning, then I start rubbing her clit. I get her jean shorts off and she’s tugging at my dick.

She’s just in her knickers now, and me in my pants. I try to get on top in between her legs, she refuses. I roll her over and push my dick against her ass, she moans but she won’t let me push it into her. She rolls over and tells me she won’t do any more. I pretty sure that’s it for tonight. I hug her, we chat for a bit then I tell her I have to go, as I have to get up early. I’m pretty horny and a night lying next to a 21 year old tight black virgin would only lead to frustration.

I grab a taxi to the bar where the other girl is at, initially I can’t find her so I grab a beer and try not to look like a loner. I catch the eye of one girl who is sat with her mate, she’s pretty. I figure I’ll open them, then the 2nd girl spots me and comes rushing over…

I’ll continue this in part 2.




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