Double virgin disaster – part 2

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After getting the previous girl down to her panties on her bed. I leave to meet the 2nd girl at a bar, she spots me and comes running over, the vibe is good we hug and I kiss her on the cheeks. I  then sat next to her, she presses her leg into mine and introduces me to her friends. Her friends were a pretty typically student group and I recognise them as Colombian versions of the types  of  young people I knew at university.

  • The couple – cool good looking guy with an unattractive girlfriend.
  • The friendly guy – talkative, good looking and open.
  • The nerd – holds a crush on the girl I’m going for – beta orbiter.
  • 2 Ugly girls
  • Shy guy

I was the new shiny thing, so nerd and shy guy tried to ignore me whilst friendly guy was drunk and monopolised my attention asking me about London and building commonality no matter how weak. Apparently he has a cousin who lives Portsmouth.  I enjoyed it though, everyone was drinking and singing to the music of a live band.

This is where I made a mistake, rather than try an early move on the girl, I didn’t really engage her. I had an opportunity to go with her to pick up her car, but I let it pass. We then headed to a salsa bar to dance, the guys were claiming they didn’t really know how to dance. Of course they can, they are Colombian. Then cool guy proclaimed to the door staff that I was a professional dancer from London. They looked bemused but it seemed to work and we get cheap group entry,

We entered the club, and again I should have focused a bit more on the girl. I danced with the ugly girls and talked to the guys, we drank shots of aguardiente and down beers. The club was half empty, but we all got up to dance. Nerd guy would bore into me with hatred whenever I danced with the girl and he’d try to keep close to her. I remember feeling like that in my University days. Rather than pulling her away and getting a kiss from her I continued to dance and socialise.

Eventually I pulled her to the side and got a kiss from her. It was probably too late, then she disappeared with about half the group, they returned 30 minutes later with two of the band from the previous bar. The male bassist, a cool looking dude who is the spit of Kirk Hammett and the female singer, a woman with short hair and too much plastic surgery. My status in the group immediately drops to 3rd as bassist preceded to dance with and number close the girl.

Out gunned, yesterday

Out gunned, yesterday

I watched on in a mix of horror and jealousy, now feeling exactly like the nerd that had been hating me all night. Eventually the girl says she has to go, the nerd is her lift home. He’s leaving now, she’s drunk so just goes with it, cock-blocking both me and the bassist. She leaves and I’m immediately angry, I’m with her friends she invited me. Reading this back I can see I was over investing in her. I explain my anger to the cool guy, he’s unphased and tells me to chill out.

I’ve had enough, I leave and order a taxi. As I’m waiting for the taxi the bassist leaves the club with both ugly girls in tow.  The girls look both smug and completely awestruck. I watch them walk into the night, bassist in the middle with his arms around both girls either side of him. When I get home, in a moment of drunk madness I open my Whatsapp and send the girl the following messages:

“Thanks for wasting my time”

I don’t know if I’m expecting an apology but later that night I get the response:

“Not my problem, take care”

Next morning I re-evaluate the night and decide that it’s probably a lost cause. I send her a text anyway blaming the shots and that I enjoyed meeting her and her friends. She did respond with a “hmm”.  I then decide to preserve my value that I need to cool off her a bit, I leave it two days and she reengages me sending me a message.

So maybe it isn’t off the cards. From out text chats I’m pretty sure that she is a virgin, her behavior and manners are a lot like the Slovenian virgin I banged last year.



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