Colombian girl blue balls

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The hotel worker I banged once had been flaky over text and I hadn’t managed to get her out. It was only when I started to ignore her messages that she started to pursue me. I want a repeat session with her as she didn’t suck me off last time and also she didn’t let me bang her from behind. I think she has some body issues, anyway. My Spanish class finished at 6pm and she agrees to meet me. I tell her I can meet her at 6:20pm. I organise a date with another girl at 8pm as well, as I’m 50/50 on hotel girl showing.

She does show, she’s 35 minutes late. I point this out to her and she blames traffic. I let it go. Here is where I made a mistake, since I’ve already banged her I should have not let her off the hook so easily. Thinking back now, I think she wanted the drama of me telling her off for being late.  So it’s already nearing 7pm and it looks likely that I’ll be late for the next date. I immediately venue change and tell her I want a beer. (we were at a coffee bar).

We walk to the little bar, the chat flows, she’s fun and I realise that I really want to fuck her again. I send a message to the 2nd girl telling her that I’ll be late, can she make 930 instead? The conversation flows and I realise I won’t be going anywhere at 9:30pm except perhaps my room with this girl. I take the leap and cancel the 2nd girl, mistake.

She’s still in her work outfit, so I take the piss out of it. We eat a little food, she has one beer and I have two. I fractionate between looking bored and being interested in her. We kiss and there is lots of playful push pull between us. I tell her I want to take her for a walk, she agrees. Since it’s Colombia, it’s customary for the guys to pick up the cheque. On the way out there is once of those Oculus rift 5D  (yes, 5D  at one point water is sprayed at you) experiences with two seats. I pull her over, pay the man and we do a roller-coaster tour of a Castle, I tell her it’s my country estate in England. She grabs my arm and is shrieking as the experience plays out. It’s actually really good.

Reality isn't always better

Reality isn’t always better

It finishes, and we walk back to mine, she immediately starts to get undressed. Shoes are off and jacket come off. We kiss and she undoes her shirt. I kiss her chest and take a handful of her ass whilst pulling her into me. The rest of the clothes come off and I push her onto the bed. She puts on my shirt and wears it, and just her panties. That’s pretty sexy. I’m on top of her grinding into her.

The shirt comes off and I use it to tie her hands behind her head, I grind into her. Her panties come off and I slightly slap her face and grip her neck. She loves it. We start fucking and it’s really good, but again she won’t suck me off or let me  do her doggy style. Despite me being more forceful this time. There is a brief lull, I go to the bathroom and pop a Cialis as  I really want to bang her hard.  When I return she’s getting dressed. . we’ve only been at it 15 minutes. What the fuck?

I’m ragingly horny, and she is getting dressed. She won’t stay. She tells me it’s late and she has to go. It’s 9 fucking 30, I start gently trying to persuade her to stay, by the end I’m close to shouting at her. I back off, turn the music off and put the lights on, I let her know I’m angry. I lie on the bed watching her dress, she really is going. I contemplate just throwing her out. Why am I shocked at this minute by her behavior, I’ve had enough reference experience to know most women are bat-shit crazy. I dress and walk her to taxi, I angrily tell her “no more games.” She tells me it’s late and she has to go, I point to my watch and tell her “no, it’s not late” then I turn my back to her and walk off.

I don’t know what the fuck happened, maybe she has a boyfriend, maybe she really did have to go? really? She never gave me a reason, she works at a hotel, so it would be easy for her to tell whoever is waiting for her that she’s having to work late.

I think either anger or complete indifference would be the best reactions here. If I’d been quicker to think about it, I could have gotten dressed up, sprayed on some cologne, acted indifferent then ordered a taxi as well, implying to her that I was headed out. I  just couldn’t do it, the red mist descended  and I let her know it. In refection it might not be such a bad thing.

Anger is also a great aphrodisiac and given that she likes it a bit rough, she probably likes the drama. We’ll see, I’ve already got the notch and if I see her again it’ll only be to bang her as roughly as I can.

Blue balls.





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