Grinding in the sun, grinding no less

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This weekend was in some ways daygame heaven and in some ways just daygame. I’d been at a wedding all Friday and only got back to London around 2 PM but I dutifully hit the streets. Man it’s better in the sun or at least you perceive it to be better. I actually don’t think your results improve at least not in terms of opens to numbers to closes however there is definitely more to shoot at.

I have no idea why this is, do girls just not go out in the cold? Or do they just dress better (sluttier) when it’s hot? It’s probably a bit of both, I waited for an age for one girl to come past and it was in reality all down to how she was dressed, she’d got this little white top with a plunging back and clearly no bra however facially she was pretty plain and I wouldn’t have looked twice at her in a big coat and jeans.

I spent time with 5 different wings including Roy Walker Daygame and his wing from Manchester who I’m calling the Cheshire Cad and did several hours of solo. Roy was on fire, I think he got about 12 numbers last weekend which is an awesome haul and most of his ,unlike mine which I will come onto, are responding. It was just a joy compared to winter, I’d become quite sick of walking around in the cold. After a 5 hour session on Saturday I had blisters on my feet due to my poor shoe choice (need better summer daygame shoes) in fact one shoe was covered in blood when I checked at the end of the day and I’d only gotten 2 numbers. If it had been freezing cold I would have been pretty pissed off  by the low return but in 23 degree heat it had been a great.

The second day was better, I hit a purple patch between sets 5 and 12 where I hoovered up 4 numbers, mainly on The Mall which was awash with my favorite kind of girl, the lone female tourist.

So all in all the weekends results were somewhere around 30 – 35 opens and 6 numbers however the kicker is only 1 has responded to texts. Such is daygame and such is the grind, don’t ever let anybody tell you it isn’t hard work.

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  1. Man, I know those days, I’m doing very little daygame in Colombia, you simply don’t need to, if you are half decent looking you can use online. I’ll have lost all my skillset by the time that I get back… but I will be able to dance salsa. Which is arguably a more relevant skill set out here

    Well done with the grind though, if you read Bodi’s post he talks about London being a city of Wild Cards..

    1. Yeah I’ve read his blog, it’s true, you just need to hit that one right girl in the right way. I did 8 sets tonight and landed 3 numbers.

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