Lay my first 21 year old Colombian virgin

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Since my last update I notched up another 4 girls:

I also had a failed date with a girl who used me for beers, before off she went in a taxi with her sister and her friend to party.  I had a date with the hottest girl I have ever been on a date with, a high 8 / low 9. She refused all attempts at escalation, she’s still responding over text though so not all is off.  From questioning her, sounds like her last two fella’s have seen her then headed overseas, leaving her facing a long-distance relationship, she quickly ditched them.

Date girl was like this, fucking hot

Date girl was like this, fucking hot

The three tinder girls I don’t real feel much achievement with, they were younger than me, hotter than me.. sure. I just got them on a date and escalated, before inviting them back to my apartment to drink a glass of wine. Since wine is relatively expensive out here  the girls drink it rarely so it’s a sure fire way to get them back.  Actually, I even had one girl sniff the glass I was drinking on date. “I love the smell of wine…” Ok, Weird.

I took the 21 year old theater girl’s virginity on the 3rd date. I organised to meet her at a mall, she came dressed in tight jean shorts and top, this time she was wearing make up. We drank a coffee and chatted, then I told her I wanted to eat, we headed up to the food court and ate Greek food. She’s never had Greek food and she didn’t like it. Mid-way through my stomach pangs and  I have to run to the bathroom to prevent me shitting myself. I rush to the bathroom and let loose bucket of dirty water from my ass. I spend 10 mins there, whilst my bowels clear.

After 10 mins she sends me a text and I head back, she looks concerned. I rub my stomach and blame the water. We then head to an arcade and spend 30 minutes playing air-hockey and shooting hoops on the  mini-basketball game. It’s fun and we are pushing into each other, she’s grabbing my balls (basket), the other comes later. We walk back to her little room, there are no seats so I sit on the bed. It’s fucking hot, I’m sweating, the only ventilation is a tiny window, it’s dual purpose – it let’s in slightly cooler air along with mosquitoes.

Her skin is dark and firm, her legs are long and she smells like coconut. She’s wearing her braids up, so I pull them down, and they frame her face. She puts on some Spanish music, I feel sort of colonial,  a white man with black girl. The only other black girl I’ve been with was an American language teacher I’d nailed in Thailand. That girl had been overweight, pretty face, but still.  This girl is completely the opposite, she’s thin,  feminine, intelligent and  engaging. The colonial setting is topped off by the basic nature of the room, a few pieces of furniture, bare cream walls, kitchenette annex and high ceiling.

She tells me the high ceiling means that the rooms keep cooler. I look at the ceiling and kiss her. The tinny music from her ancient laptop echoes in the room whilst I start to undress her. This time there has been no mention of “nothing is gonna happen”. Perhaps this is only time that phrase runs the opposite to normal expectations, when a virgin has decided she wants to sleep with you.  She’s a little shy, she gets up off the bed and heads to the bathroom, she returns and turns the light off.

The room is dark, I see her shadowed in blue from the light of the laptop. We kiss more, I kiss her neck and pull her into me. I pull her top off, then the jeans come off. She’s wearing white panties they contrast her skin and stand out in the dim light, very sexy. She takes off my shirt and I pull down my jeans. I rub her pussy over her panties then pull them down. I can feel her wetness. I put on a condom and gently press into her. She looks at me, and gasps whilst I enter her. Fuck she is tight and it’s difficult to get in.

I get a few strokes going, but it’s too painful for her as she can’t relax. I roll off, we talk and she tells me that she’d wanted to have sex with her last boyfriend, but she’d used his computer, logged in and found some facebook messages he’d  been exchanging with a pal, saying that he’d only wanted her for sex. She’d felt betrayed and had shied away from men since then. I listen and nod my head in a knowing way. I then give her a massage with her coconut balm, she relaxes. I put on another condom on and enter her again,  slides in easier, sex is way better this time and she starts to get into it. Afterwards we grab a late night bite and a drink at a bar around the corner, we chat, it’s fun.

This is my second virgin from daygame and probably my favorite girl of my Colombian trip so far, and she came from cold approach.




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