If you don’t respect me I’ll go

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I slapped her on her round tight ass with a cushion after she refused my third attempt at kissing her. She turned and looked at me, then said “If you don’t respect me I’ll go”. My brain went into overdrive, and I thought.. “do the opposite of a beta, do the opposite of a beta”. In my head that meant calling her bluff, and telling her “ok, you can go if you want”.  I knew as I was saying it that she’d leave, but I couldn’t stop myself. Up she gets, her tight round little ass and big tits, opens the door to my apartment and she leaves. Fail, Fuck.

This was the third date with the high 8 / low 9, I’ve not even kissed her yet. I text gamed her in the week to get her out tonight for a drink. Initially, I’d told her I’d cook English food and asked if she’d tasted it. I was thinking this would be a ploy to get her back to my place so we could cook together. She tried to reframe it as “You want to cook for me?”.  I then decided not to bother to cook. she then took ages to confirm the date. When she did confirm it was almost at the time of the date. She arrived and she looked fucking hot in a red skirt and white top, massive tits, nice round pert ass on a small frame. Really fucking hot.

She came to my place, I met her at the door we chit-chatted then we walked to a restaurant. We sat, I ordered a glass of wine and she ordered a fruit juice, not a good sign. We chit-chatted more, then we talked a bit about our desires, I teased her for being an amazon throwing spears. I escalated and she took her hand, she asked me what I was doing. I told her I was trying for a bit of romance, but she killed the mood. I then push her hand back at her, she then tells me, it’s ok if you want romance you can take my hand. I tell her, her hand is clammy, that I don’t know what romance feels like as I have a black heart.

She tells me her best friend is her ex ex boyfriend, a Colombian guy, that she used to date. She’s not close to either of her parents, but her mother is staying with her at the minute. She has one brother and two sisters. We talk about the words that Colombians use to describe girls “mamacita”, “princessa”, “reina”, “amor” etc. We talk about music and her favorite songs, I can feel the barriers breaking down. She keeps insisting that we’re friends and that we’re not on a date. I tell her I’m a man she’s a woman, and it’s my job to try and hers to resist.  I tell her I can’t be friends with women.

weapon of choice

Weapon of choice

She remembers that I’d told her that my last girlfriend was Indian, she tells me she thinks I’ve come to Colombia to find the perfect woman. I tell her I have high standards, but I don’t think any woman is perfect. I break rapport and leave some silences for her to fill. I tell her I like her legs, then blame the wine. After we eat, she decides to order a beer, good sign. We drink a beer each, I’ve escalated to touch her shoulder and side. After the beer she wants to go to a bar to dance, I tell her we can later.

I walk her to my apartment, we arrive she puts on some songs she likes I pour two glasses of wine. I tell her we should see the view, my apartment is on the 6th floor so has a nice night time view. We stand and listen to the music and drink some wine staring out at the lights of the city. I try to pull her close for the kiss, she moves her head away, although this time I’m pressed in behind her, she stays pressed against me. I wait then I decide to fractionate, I turn the lights back on and choose a new song. She’s drinking the wine and seems a little drunk.

We talk more, I stare into her eyes, she meets my gaze and I pull her in again. Again she won’t kiss me, she tells me she doesn’t want to. She gets up and walks to the the laptop, as she does so, I pick up a cushion, it has Frieda Carla’s face on it and slap her ass with it…  pow.

“If you don’t respect me I’ll go”.

My read is, I failed a massive shit test by showing indifference to her telling me she wanted to go. A better response would have just been to ignore it, “what song are you putting on spotify?”  Then continued trying to escalate, I could feel things heating up, that’s why she threw the ultimatum at me. After she left, I waited 5 minutes, then went down to the lobby to see if she had actually gone. The taxi had just arrived, but I caught her at the door of the lobby. Again I was thinking what would a beta do?, rather than what would an alpha do?

I asked her. “do you want to go?”. She said “yes”. I wished her a good night and  off she went. Another fail, but at that point, I felt a “I want you to stay” wouldn’t of worked either.  She’d have eaten that up and left anyway. I returned to my room, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it. If I’m honest, she is hot, but her games are fucking annoying. I slapped her ass out of frustration, I know most other girls wouldn’t of minded, that’s what’s so annoying. I also know that being alpha means pissing all over women (ahem Xants) when they chide you for escalated.

I return in frustration and read the heartiste  article “if you want I can leave” shit test. Reading that, it tells me she was into me, which I could feel.  I waited 30 mins, then sent her a text “Are you always this dramatic? good night, get home safe ;)” Which I hope will reframe the situation as her being a drama queen and normalise her leaving. I don’t think it’s a complete loss, and I don’t think laying her was on the cards tonight. I think no response to her leaving would have been too butt-hurt. I’ll roll off for a week and try for another date next weekend. She’s not much of a texter anyway. Then again I could be wrong and I’ll never see her again. But fuck it, I’m happier to actually push her into some sort of action and get her off the fence and onto my dick hopefully.

On the plus side if she doesn’t respond, I did get the number of an equally hot girl yesterday doing daygame and I’m sleeping with the now non-virgin girl regularly.



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  1. Good post. It all depends on context but it sounds like she likes you enough to come out on the date but doesn’t feel enough arousal on the date to kiss/accept escalation.
    My two cents, not that they matter, is that the underlying theme of escalating and going for the lay was right and as long as your desire for her is communicated then she accepts it. The reason why she stalled was because she probably thought you wanted her *only* for the lay. Women know that when you see them as a conquest, once the goal is achieved they get pumped and dumped. The key is then not to turn it into a goal-directed action, but an enjoyment of the process. That way, even if you don’t get laid, the seduction is still fun. It takes the pressure off and the panties fly as a side benefit. But like I said, it’s all about context and I wasn’t there. Great report though.

    [Thanks, “the pump and dump” is probably the issue, this is also compounded by the fact that her last two boyfriends left the country in the months after meeting her. She expects the same to happen to her with us. Can’t blame her for thinking that. V]

  2. Greta article. I found your site randomly. TBH I don’t really read to many game related things, but your site is refreshing. I can tell you live this daily.
    [Thanks, glad you enjoy the read – V]

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