My flake rate is atrocious

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Last weekend I got 6 numbers but none of them felt solid at the time, I almost felt a bit rusty for some reason and none of my sets felt brilliant. I did one session in the week after work doing 8 sets and getting 3 numbers. Yesterday I didn’t have that much motivation as I’d taken the Jap girls anal virginity at about 10 AM which had drained me somewhat but I did about 4 sets and got one number, also me and Mr. S did a 2 set (he opened them) that we bounced to a bar and I got a number of my girl.

So that’s 11 girls contact details in one week however my flake rate so far has been horrific. The ones from yesterday I’ve only just messaged so we’ll have to see on those but on the first 9 I’ve only had around 2 that have messaged me back and not in any way that you would consider strong and I’ve had a grand total of zero dates.

My plan to rectify this is go get a new gum camera and start recording my sets as that ratio is really poor. My understanding is flakes are normally caused by not not enough attraction, not enough rapport, not enough of either or not telling the girl anything about yourself and by recording my sets as I keep saying I will I should be able to figure out what’s going on.

That said it could also be down to luck/chance. You will always have some percentage of flakes and in any series of random events there’s always the chance that you will get a run of those events that seem like a pattern however it’s actually just random, maybe my next 10 numbers will all message me back, I’ll date 5 of them and fuck 3 of them. Well, I can hope and historically it’s taken me 16 numbers to get laid so that’s only another 5 to go and I’ll definitely get laid, I’m pretty sure that’s how chance works right?


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  1. got a similar issue, getting numbers but its like they fall off the radar afterwards, probably 20% come back. im day gaming in London though and girls are suspicious as well as permanently rushing around meaning you cant bed a set down easily in order to build rapport and comfort, London game in general for me is as follows (assuming she is an typical English girl in London or foreign ethnicity who has lived here for a while and been brought over to the dark side of English ‘femininity’):

    strong stop/heavy attraction material in order to get a response – teases are full on/talk quickly about what we do and where we live, qualify (often have to scratch ones head to do this or use the typical “you’re really nice!” as English girls have little interest in anything beside work, shopping and going out to a bar at the weekend). all done in circa 5 minutes. then they feel forced by some unknown force in the universe to rush off.

    this might all be telling me on a meta level that I just need to relocate as hunting the foreigner in London is getting extremely tiring … sigh.

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