Near miss: Half Thai / Colombian girl down to her panties

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I pulled off her tight black jeans, she wriggled free of them, I’m already down to my boxers. I stare into her eyes, and climb on top of her, pushing my crotch against hers. She wraps her legs around me then grinds into me. It’s hot my apartment is dark, and she feels good. As she grinds into me I  hear the rustle of plastic-paper. Fuck, she’s wearing a pad , she’s on her period. I don’t care, I’ll rubber up and do her anyway.

She climbs on top of me, and is rubbing into me again. I’m not sure if it’s her gigantic Colombian pad that’s getting her off or my dick. She starts moaning as she rides me. I push her off me, then mount her, pulling her panties aside, she won’t let me. “No, I’m on my period, I can’t”.

I tell her it’s fine and normal, she’s not listening, her mind is made up.  She says “No” again, I roll off and lie next to her. She gets off the bed and puts her jeans back on, then her voice goes high and she sounds  possessed, she squeals “no, no, no” almost to herself as much to me. Not gonna fuck her tonight, the door has slammed shut.

Roll back to earlier in the evening, I’d met her through tinder, did one date and escalated to the kiss. I then organised this second date with her. True to form nothing ever seems to run that smoothly here in Colombia. We get to the evening of the date, and she still hasn’t confirmed. I’m used to that now. Rather than ask her if she’s coming, I message her and ask what she’s doing later. She says she’s seeing me later. Okay, confirmation.

She’s 20, short golden skinned, long dark hair with a nice ass and firm tits, her eyes are slightly oriental from father who is Thai, her mother is Colombian. She arrived to the date wearing a light blue top with plunging cleavage and a huge dangling necklace. She has two tattoos one on the back of her neck  and one on her foot. I fancy her, she’s pretty girly.

Her first test before the date: she wanted me to pay for her taxi, to the date and back from the date. It’s £3 each way, I know she’s not poor as she lives in a nice area of the city. I decide to lose the battle to win the war and tell her yeah “sure I’ll pay”. There is a bit of confusion as to if I’ll pay her return journey too, she want’s confirmation of the round trip costs. I’m tempted just to tell her I won’t pay, but my horniness over-rides, I just agree.

She arrives, I pay the taxi driver his three quid, then we walk to a local bar. It’s actually a pizza chain, but it has sofas and is a good venue for a drink, not really dark enough for my liking but it’s very close to my place. We chit-chat a bit about her day.

I’d decided that I’d been telegraphing my interest too much and not fractionating enough with my previous dates, I also wasn’t relaxed and really haven’t been calibrating to the girl.  I’ve been pushing the dates too hard, telegraphing too much interest to the girl and burning it down. Then I wonder why the girl is hesitant over text to meet again.

Just ask Louie the Lama

Just ask Louie

Before she’d arrived I watched Tom Torero’s Bar to Bedroom lay on youtube and made a few crib-notes. I wasn’t spiking enough in my previous dates, I was just sort of gradually physically escalating without really working any fractionation or verbal spikes. If I’d  graph it, it’s a steady upwards arc of interest, rather than an upwards sloping wave where my interest in her peaks and troughs. So I changed that for this date, we talked about more normal things, food, differences in culture, her family, her friends, how much she ate, she had a small toy lama on her key-fob. I pretended that I could speak “Lama” and asked the lama to tell me all the her secrets.

It’s a variation of the “phone- grandma” that Krauser / Tom T use,  I said things like “oh my god, how many men?”, “really?”, “and they did what to her?” .. “girls too?” A small look of shock crept over her face, it really worked to spike things up.

We have a cocktail each, then I tell her we can listen to some music in my apartment and she can see the view. She agrees, we walk a little and I kiss her in the street. Easy, we head to a shop, I buy some beer, she wants to eat something so buys what I can only describe as a block of goats cheese filled with sweet filling. She offers me a bit, it tastes horrible, I screw up my face in disgust. The serving girl starts laughing, then the girl starts laughing too.

I walk her back to the apartment,  I put on some music and we drink a beer each. She seems a little tipsy, she opens the window and leans out, we’re on the 6th floor. I take her beer off her, I don’t want her dropping it onto some poor soul below. I point out the landmarks I know in the city and we kiss again.

She puts on her own music, reggaeton and starts dancing, I dance with her, and she grinds into me. The heavy beats of the music, the alcohol, her sexy ass, the lights from the city below it’s turning into a very fun night. She’s really working her ass into me,  this is one of the moments I won’t forget about Colombia.

Her top comes off, I kiss her neck and her firm tits, she’s naked from the wast up, except her huge necklace that falls in between her tits. She straddles me on the sofa, then grinds into me, her necklace, long hair and tits pushing against my face as she starts dry-humping me. I try to put my hand down her jeans, she pulls it away. She changes position, I take this as my cue, I pick her up and carry her to the bed and throw her onto it.  Then the period problem.

Not a bang, but a near-miss, I know I’d have fucked her if she’d not been on, I ran the tightest game that I’d done in a while, had more fun doing it and the whole night was great.  My advice is to keep evaluating your  performance after each date, don’t telegraph interest too much and be more out-come independent on the date. Escalate, but escalate and calibrate to the girl.  One more date and I’ll bang her.



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