To Warsaw or not to Warsaw…

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This month so far from a game perspective has been pretty poor in that I’ve not had any dates or new lays, everything else however has gone pretty well. I’ve just moved into an awesome new flat with my old/current flatmate and with Mr. S, we got an amazing deal on a really good flat and it’s going to be fun living with a fellow daygamer. In fact he’s already got a new girl in the lounge though from what he’s told me she’s a pain in the arse so possibly still some way from a new notch.

Yesterday I had a date lined up with a polish girl I’d daygamed the previous weekend in my new favorite daygame spot (which I’m keeping a secret). I’d been watching Krauser’s Daygame Overkill and used some of the material I’d learnt from that, it was a really good set but she flaked on the day. I somehow expected the flake but I also think I will get her out eventually and stand a decent chance of laying her due to how the set went and how she’s responded on text, we’ll see.

Incidentally Mr. S hasn’t closed his date so first new notch in the new flat is still up for grabs.

So what’s the point of this post? Well I’m weighing up a trip to Warsaw to see if I can bang an 18 year old polish girl I’ve been long gaming since January. There are pros and cons. To give some background I met her back in January on the strand, she’d IOI’d me when we were sat outside Pret and I opened, she was over for a brief holiday and staying with some family in Croydon (poor her), I couldn’t get her out before she went home but we kept chatting.

She regularly re-opens conversation with me, likes my pictures and seems pretty keen however it’s not nailed on, we’ve not had sex chat and she’s not sent me any naked pictures. In short it currently falls short of a girl I’d fly out specifically to bang.

So why am I thinking of going?

Basically I want another Eurojaunt, I want to get out of London and it’s bank holiday so I have an extra day. I won’t be going to bang her, I’d just be going out to do daygame and picking that location because I have a strong lead there as opposed to going anywhere else. Additionally Bodi has been in touch through twitter and he’s out there currently so I would have a wing.

So why am I hesitant?

The lay isn’t nailed on but that’s not it, it’s down to timescales and cost. Flights are expensive due to the bank holiday and I’m trying not to be such a financial moron as I normally am in order to achieve my long term goals. If I go out on Thursday after work and take Friday as holiday I will get 3 days daygame in Warsaw which is a very limited window of opportunity to make something happen if the 18yo flakes.


  • Pro – get out of London and do daygame in a new city
  • Con – limited window of opportunity
  • Pro – strong prospect already lined up
  • Con – strong prospects still flake
  • Pro – can recce Poland for a longer trip in summer
  • Con – cost
  • Pro – may cost more but makes use of the bank holiday
  • Pro – just because the window is short doesn’t mean I can’t revisit to bang leads
  • Pro – potential wing already out their
  • Pro – in my experience polish girls are hot and quite nice

So all in all I think the pros marginally outweigh the cons. Going out their and thinking I’m going to bang the 18yo would be a chode move but going with my eyes open is sensible. I just wish the flights were £100 cheaper.

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  1. Mat go. Warsaw is great fun. You may not get an easy lay but you’ll crank a few sets, get something to blog about and get to hang out with Bodi. It’s worth the flight just for that. It’s just a shame I left before you fly out there, but a friend of mine was going in hospital this week so I wanted to come back for that (DHV).

      1. Cheers Jimmy, I came and am enjoying my weekend, so far no lay but I’ve enjoyed the daygame and the Perogi. Had some really good sets but time is so short I doubt I’ll close any. The 18 yo turned up for the date but it was pretty tame, she’ll need a couple more before she’ll bang.

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