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I haven’t plus 1’d a new girl in a couple of weeks. Been a run of bad luck, the “don’t respect me girl” then the girl on her period.  Since then I had a couple of other dates getting two girls to the sofa and kissing them before they told me they needed to get a taxi. I’m struggling to get one of them out as she’s always working, the other, well, I’m not that into her.

I’ve tried  running some game at night,  I went with the guys from my social group here to a beer festival in a  park. Before I went I watched a few RSD videos, despite the flack they get Tyler is dead on with how to act when it comes to going out. Be social, be fun, talk to everyone, don’t just sit in a corner and get pissed.  I  purposely tried to amp up my socialness, it’s a bit difficult when everyone is jabbering in a different tongue.  I opened a girl at the bar, got her number, then another in the social circle I number closed, I cold approached a 4 set and got a number, then joined another social group and picked up another number there.

The group merged with another, and I flirted with one girl and collected her digits as well.  Turns out I can run some game whilst mildly drunk. Everyone was dancing around, then I whipped off my belt and we did an impromptu limbo session. There was one girl in the merged group who was a 9, pretty face, tight curvy body, feminine. I watched her thinking this is the kind of girl I’ve come to Colombia for, this is what I want. Unfortunately her bf was sat right next to her.

That’s the thing, there are lots of accessible easy 7s here, they don’t require much game, just get them out on a date and escalate. Quality like everywhere is a bit harder to catch. The competition isn’t as steep as London but the local guys do have some game, it’s more natural charm mixed with an abundance mentality.  They know how to talk to girls, and when it doesn’t work out they don’t care as there is always another girl to hit on.  All the foreign girls here “learning salsa” or “travelling”  get their  mountain of Colombian adventure sex from the suave local men.

Denisse Gomez

Denisse Gomez

Last night I went to another event, a local bar’s first opening night. My social group knew a load of the people there. I tried hitting on a girl at the bar, it went a bit awkward as I was just warming up to being social. Then another with a German girl, again awkward.  Then two Polish girls, one had eyed me earlier, tried to get them engaged, but once the local fellas arrived they got up and started patrolling around the club. Two Colombian girls sat near me,  one kept occasionally looking at me.

I opened them both, “I hope you speak English”, then the “You’re the good girl, you’re the bad girl” routine. Got them engaged and laughing, one was showing a lot of interest, I just couldn’t get her isolated from her mate. Danced salsa with her, my friends then left, leaving me there with the two girls. I tried getting them both back to mine, but they huddled up and said no. They had also introduced me to 3 other younger prettier girls that they knew. I miss having a proper wing here, it would have been easy to engage the three girls with a game savvy guy. The two girls want to leave, I share a taxi with them, number close them both on the way.

I also started to train crossfit here, and fucking hell the girls bodies and asses are fucking hot. Fucked an opportunity today to talk to the girl who’s ass I had been starting at the whole time she was doing squats. After one session, she literally came over and stretched her leg next to me. I was sat there a sweaty mess watching her ass squeeze taught as she lunged into the stretch. My mouth clammed shut and I sat there thinking what to say to her. I chickened in the end, even if I’d just been able to mumble a hello… fuck sake.

So no daygame, which will change, I plan to do a whole week next week, logging everyday my stats, approaches, number closes and writing a daily CDG blog post.

If I’m gonna get a girl like Denisse Gomez. I know I’ll get her from a street approach.



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