Colombian Daygame Adventures – Prelude – Anal virginity

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Most of my leads seem to be drying up, the Colombian Virgin I fucked is starting to become boring as she’s paranoid and scared of everything.  We walked one block from my apartment in the middle of day to go to the local cafe I use for lunch and she started asking if it was dangerous or not. I told her, it’s her city she should know if it’s dangerous in this area. It’s become apparent she lives in a microcosm, her apartment is 2 blocks from her university.

She only ever travels from one to the other, and every weekend she travels on the bus to her home town outside of the city.  She’s shit scared of everything, and is fairly negative to boot, everything is already a problem, she won’t experiment. She tried Greek food and hated it, she’s crap in bed too,

I wouldn’t mind but she doesn’t want to experiment. She won’t suck my dick for a start, that combined with her unwillingness to wear make up and I think it’s run it’s course. She also put a photo of her and a guy on her whatsapp, I suppose it’s to provoke a reaction from me.  I don’t give a shit.

I had two dates planned for last night, neither cancelled so I texted one mid-afternoon and she confirmed, so I cancel the other. Then it gets to the time of the date and I’ve not heard anything from her, she then sends this:



I wanted to kill her, “hahahaha, I have a lot of laziness” what the fuck? I had to take a deep breath and put the phone down before I sent her a message telling her she was fucking retarded. I tried to reorganise with the other lead but she’d already organised something else. So I ended up dateless, and fell asleep watching the new series of Game of Thrones.

I can’t complain really, ups and downs, this was a down but I did have an up the previous day. I saw the student  for a second time, instead of going to her little shittesville town she came into the city. She arrived on time mid-afternoon, wearing tight ripped white jeans and tight white top. I showed her my apartment and we fucked three times, I banged her against the wall and in the shower. I also fucked her in the ass, taking her anal virginity, I just stuck it in with a bit of juice and spit.  She said “en serio” at first, but I just went for it and she ended up loving it, pushing back into me as it got deeper and deeper. She had a concerned face when I went to the bathroom to clean up after I came in her ass. Then she asked “did you cum in me?” I said yes.. in your ass,

Then she said “fuck, I can get pregnant?” as a look of shock swept her face. I started laughing and told her, no she can’t get pregnant from me cumming in her ass. She then said “oh, why are you laughing, I don’t know I never did it there before.”. She is an awesome girl, after the shower together, we sat and talked looked out of the window at the view of my 6th floor apartment.

She left in the evening, telling me she’d never forget this day, neither will I. I waved goodbye as she got her taxi to the bus station. She has every Thursday off, so maybe I’ll keep it a regular thing, and try and ramp up the dirtiness.

All my other leads are either too young and not sexy, sexy but not responding, sexy but with child or they are always “studying” or “working” and keeping me orbiting.  I also haven’t reached the quality threshold I wanted to here, I know from a year of daygame in London that the hottest girls come from cold approach.

So today I did a couple of sets, one in the morning, then I worked, and went out in the afternoon, I walked to a local shopping mall. My AA hit, and I let a few pass, in the end I got a good set from a girl heading to meet a client who was buying her arranged flowers, number closed her, she was pretty hot.

So more of the same next week, but I want to hit 20 approaches per day. I’ll log each approach.


2 – Approaches, 1 facebook, 1 number.






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