When to react?

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At what point should you let all guns blaze fire and a fire a  broadside telling a girl exactly what you think of her?

Putting a girl in her place is always a no-no before you fuck them, you can do it when you have a connection with her and have been fucking her for a while. If you do it before that time, unless she is extremely into you, you’ll probably lose her. She’ll rationalise your reaction as you being weird, rather than taking responsibility for her own actions.  So according to Heartiste:

disciplining prospects = failed game.

So the correct  mindset should be along the lines of “‘i’m gonna go out and have fun, you’re invited to come along. if you flake, it’s your loss, not mine.’” The problem is with this advice, if a date cancels, do you want to go and trawl bars looking for another prospect. I always read this kind of advice and think somehow all the guys have some sort of super-powers where it’s a piece of piss to go pick up another quality girl. “Geez, she flaked, well just go find another girl”.  I’ll just pick one up at the local 2nd-hand fucking date flake store.

Anyway the context of this rather angry post is two flakes in a row over two days, and actually I’d say the one tonight was her standing me up. Again I texted her early, again she confirmed, even asking where we were meeting. In the end I decided to double date her, as she seemed insistent on bring her friend. So I organised to meet her and bring one of my Colombian friends with me. My friend arrived and we sat and chat for an hour drinking a beer, I sent her a  few texts to see if she was coming, no reply.

In the end, my Colombian friend calls her (my Spanish is shit over the phone), and she tells him, she’s in a bar with her friend and two other guys. He dealt with it very well, just said no worries then hung up. My anger raged, flaking OK, but actually telling me she’s on a double date with two other guys. What the fucking fuck. What about “My grandma is ill and I’m in the hospital with her.. ” she doesn’t have the creativity or common decency to lie,  at least that would have been an acceptable excuse.

So my question is, when do you react?, and how do you react?. Heartiste advocates  if you do want to let rip, by dressing her down in public, but this is obviously an unrealistic option for an early prospect. What you gonna do?, invite her to another date, and shout at her. What the fuck point is that. Is this the time you tell her to go take a running fucking jump? rather than try and get into her panties.

Rooshv also says don’t react:

“I almost never show anger with girls I haven’t had sex with yet. Before sex anger is a huge turn-off, but after sex it’s an aphrodisiac. For instance, if a girl you just met cancels a first date with you, and you bitch her out, she’ll laugh and then delete your number from her phone.”

It’s the obvious lack of respect, which by conventional game advice you shouldn’t  respond to, and it’s fucking frustrating. Act like you have 10 super models in tow and this shit doesn’t effect you, even more stupid advice. Girls know we don’t all have 10s of options to call on. Being able to call one of a thousand dirty prostitutes to come suck you off,or let you rail them whilst they have that dead look in their eyes, does that count?

Avoid sounding butt-hurt at all costs, then you can get to put your penis into her, but at what cost to you?

Your self respect that’s the cost.



Now that I’ve written this, I’ve calmed down, that’s not saving me from nexting her though, some infractions are too much. Always be willing to walk away.




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  1. a lot of (good) game is about suspending normal human emotion which if taken to the extreme is not healthy. a solution is to run good game generally but to preserve self respect have a boundary which if crossed means you tell her off … now she will probably be lost in most cases to you after this I agree. this is what I do by the way and its going to cost you results but I don’t care as i’m not willing to let a girl take my dignity for the prospect of sex. I don’t need it that much.

    im curious about the throwaway comment you made at the end. do you use hookers as well as do game or was this just a joke?

    [throw away – V]

  2. One girl flaked on me last year, I told her she’d gone from my Thursday girl to my Tuesday girl but she flaked in good time. Then she didn’t show up for the date and I told her she was now my Noday girl and meant it.

  3. I’d just next her. You have to take the view that you’re a high value man and it’s her loss if she wants to play games but as a man you have no need to do that. You showed your interest, she didn’t respond favourably. It’s no big deal, but if she wants your high value attention again, she better fucking earn it. (I had exactly the same situation a few months ago. Ignored the girl and was pretty monosyllabic with my conversation. She invited me out 3 times, and I told her I was busy each time. Eventually, she asked if something was wrong, of course I said “No, just been a bit busy”. She got the hint, and the 4th time she invited me out, she invited me to her place to cook me dinner and “watch a film”. We saw 10 minutes of god knows what before I was inside her. Go figure.)

    1. Post

      I woke up feeling okay about it all, it’s a wonder what a good nights sleep can do for you. Her mate started texting me as well. I let them stew for a bit then sent them a text telling them they were both bad girls. Then I didn’t bother replying to their texts, I’ll see if they invite me out again or chase more. If they do it’s worth another shot, but like you say, she’s gotta work for it.

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