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It just wasn’t long enough, my phone is packed full of warm leads, I had a date every day and several idates but none were DTF on the first date. So that’s the short version, here’s the long version:

I arrived into Warsaw late on Thursday so just stayed in a cheap hotel near the airport then went into town fairly early the next day. Warsaw is in my opinion a nice place, the weather was good, the food was good (I was disappointed with the food in Hungary and Kiev) the town was clean and the people were nice.

This is going to be controversial and I know that some people definitely won’t agree but I think the girls were hotter on average than in Zagreb but with less absolute stunners. There’s just something about the build and face shape of Polish girls that I really like, they’re slim, tend to have quite small tits, a bit of an hourglass shape and slender legs.

I started opening sets pretty much straight away and got a Facebook of a hot dancer on my first open, though she’s yet to reply to my messages, it was a good start. I then met up with Bodi and dropped my bag at his until my airbnb was ready, he still needed 20 mins to get ready so rather than watch him get changed I headed back out and saw probably the hottest girl of the weekend in tiny, tiny shorts and with long brown legs. I opened her and she was a Polish pop star, she’d just been in Croatia shooting a music video and was on the way to the gym for leg day. When she said this I crouched down and told her to tense her leg and proceeded to squeeze her thigh which made her giggle. Sadly though she had a fiancee and wasn’t prepared to cheat on him.


Random hot polish girl who bears no real resemblance to any of my leads but who will make my blog post look better

Bodi then came and joined me and we hit the streets. I’d not met John before but in my experience red pilled daygamers have plenty to talk about and lots in common. John is the most red pill person I’ve ever met, so red pill in fact that I think that if you were to describe the actual shade of red you would need to invent a new kind of iridescent red paint that actually reflected more red light than fell on it.

The daygame area in Warsaw is pretty big compared to other cities I’ve visited with plenty of targets, we saw another 2 daygamers out that we didn’t know but that was it. Weekdays are oddly busier than weekend days so if given the choice I’d go in the week, there was definitely more targets on Friday than on Saturday or Sunday.

Eventually I headed back to Bodi’s to pick my bag up and to get the key to my airbnb. I did an I date with a cute 18 year old on the way and while in Nero the heavens opened meaning I had to fuck around for an hour in the rain finding the place, the weather was great for the rest of the time I was there.

I did 3 dates in total an 18yo polish 7 I had been long gaming, Uzbek 2 set and Ukranian 8 and 3 or 4 instadates. One of those instant dates seemed very on, I was touching her legs in the coffee shop and managed to get her all the way to the door of my apartment when her forebrain took over and she literally ran away.

The Uzbek 2 set was fun, Bodi and I had been doing silly 2 sets to build our vibe and it was working, we’d stop a hot 2 set and then ask them where we could buy a magic hamster then explaining that we’d had one but it was invisible, we’d either lost it or it was dead and we weren’t sure which. Another time we’d asked where we could buy a hamster before explaining that we wanted the tastiest hamster in all of Poland, ideally served rare. It was through this somewhat left field tactic that we met the Uzbek’s.

It was my set but before the date we’d decided just to play it by ear and see where the chances presented themselves rather than stick to a rigid ‘ she’s mine, you can have her’ strategy which in my opinion can doom you to failure. Annoyingly Bodi got the hot one who looked like something from a kill bill film, I got the slightly chubby 6. We ran the set really well though, separating them and attempting to escalate. They had the iron will of Russians and even though they both seemed incredibly on neither of us managed to kiss them however I really don’t think we could have done anymore and Bodi has a decent chance of seeing his again as he has more time out there.

The Ukrainian 8 was one that I would have fucked up a year ago but now I have experience with Ukrainians and now I know how to game them better. Instead of trying to escalate my way into her pants like I would have done last year (a tactic that works well on Western girls) I decided to DHV my way into her pants while using some spikes to keep it sexual, for instance I’d tell her a DHV about all the cool friends I had coming to a big BBQ at my new flat and then to SPIKE I’d tell her ‘bad news, you’ve ripped your jeans, it looks like you’ve been on a date with Edward scissor hands’ while simultaneously running my finger along her skin through the tears in her jeans. Now I didn’t get to bang her but she looks like a good prospect for the future and that was good game.

On the last day Krauser was in town with one of his rare students, we met up for a coffee and later on for a beer. He had one of his regulars with him who was both hot and who stared at him like he was a god the whole time while we shared depraved stories from the world of pickup, I think he must have hypnotized her and he’s saving that strategy for another book.

I got a bit pissed and then, as I hadn’t got laid, took myself to the strip club across the road from my apartment and proceeded to drink tequila off of a strippers nipples while texting a 19 year old german regular and getting her to send me naked pictures. All in all a pretty fun trip and I’ve now got a lot of long game to do.


  • The daygame street stop part for me was way easier than in London
  • Polish girls are hot
  • The dating part is harder, Polish girls aren’t easy sluts
  • Polish girls are much less flakey than London girls
  • I’ve started to learn when to apply a K selected strategy and an R selected strategy to my dating
  • Warsaw is a nice city
  • I didn’t pointlessly burn my leads by trying desperately to get them out while I was there, I’m being more patient which will hopefully pay off in the long run

I’ve got 2 more weeks of holiday that I can take and I’ve now got to decide how to use them, I may well return to Warsaw although Prague, Belgrade and Moscow are also high on the list.

UPDATE Bodi has +1’d his hot Uzbek

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  1. Gdańsk (seaside)
    Those cities are same nice as Warsaw

    Could you discribe for me your sexual experience with Russian girls? What do you think about Polish girls when it comes to sex ?

  2. Gdansk (seaside,, Poznań and Kraków are cities worth of recommendation to visit in Poland

    Could you describe your sexual experience with Russian girls? How would you discribe Polish girls when it comes to sex ?

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