Colombian Daygame Adventures 2 – meh

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Well today was better than yesterday in terms of sets done, I got 5 done. Not exactly blazing a trail, but I’m struggling to find girls that I fancy. First was a 17 year old with an amazing booty, she didn’t know her own number, so I gave her mine, I don’t expect her to respond. 2nd was a girl on her way to her English school, closed her and she’s responded to the first message, but the set was weak and I don’t expect it to go any where.

It started to rain, poured it down, I waited for the rain to stop, I stopped a short girl with pink hair, but she side stepped and kept going. I ran to get another girl about to get the bus, short interaction, she didn’t hook, and kept on her way. She did have an amazing booty though.  I did another, but I find myself waiting too long between sets for girls that I actually fancy, then it’s a race to get them before they disappear onto the bus or into the bus station.

I think I really need to switch it up as it’s not working in the current location, I’ll go back to the malls again.. or I might try a some of the supermarkets. Despite all this, I do have a full week of dates, had two the previous 2 nights, both went pretty well, both from cold approach. They felt more like she’s filtering me for a boyfriend rather than adventure sex.

5 opens – 1 number, 1 girl took my number,


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