Colombian Daygame Adventure 3 – Oye Mami

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I’d set up two dates for today, one at 5pm and one again at 8pm. The 5pm gave me good notice and said she couldn’t meet. OK, the other one, was a girl who previously flaked,and she flaked again, so I just deleted her number. She didn’t text or message. then sent me some bullshit an hour later. My instinct was that she was going to flake, so I should have just organised another date instead. Meh, she’s pretty attention-whorey.

On the way to crossfit a girl eyed me and smiled, she was sexy and young, I run after her. Turns out the reason she smiled was because I’d already DG’d her. Anyway, she’d been unresponsive over text, so I’d just deleted her number. This time the interaction is far more flirty, I re-close her, she’s hot, she’s as close to Denisse as I’ve managed to close so far. We agree to meet the following day, and to shore  things up, I take a photo of a cafe near where we met, and tell her here, at 6pm. She agrees, awesome. Let’s see if she flakes.

After crossfit and work, I got a taxi to one of the closest malls,  I have a chat with the taxi-driver. It’s all the same questions I’ve done a hundred times already, how long are you here? Do you like Colombia?. In the end the chat always turns to girls. On the way he spots a girl with a huge fake ass, points it out to me and beeps his horn at her, whilst shouting “oye mami”. Pretty direct.

I get to the mall and run a loop, first girl I open is in sports gear, she’s on the way to the gym and is killing time by browsing the shops. I insta-date her, we go to subway, then I ask her if she likes “grande” or “pequena”, pointing at the sub rolls. She has a look in her eye, then starts laughing. I flirt with her for an hour before she heads off. She’s 20, petite and cute.

I stop another girl, no she has a boyfriend, but takes the compliment. I then eye a well dressed black girl, she gave me a quick look. I run in and close her, she’s off to the cinema with her friend, a guy. Date? It’s an easy close, she seems interested, I’d guessed her age as early 20s because of how she was dressed, turns out she is 18. Score. I’m also guessing she is a virgin. It’s nearing the time of my date, so I head back to my apartment, I stop outside near the bus station and open one girl, no hook, she has to catch the bus. Today was far easier than the last two days.

I’ve also been texting  the anal virginity girl, she’s coming on Sunday and Monday, she told me she’ll do whatever I want….

I have a 3rd date with the half Thai / Colombian tonight, and a first coffee date with near -Denisse.

So that’s 4 opens, 1 reopen – 2 numbers


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